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When Do You Know...

...that its time to shave? Do you shave everyday, or just when you need it? Do you wait a day or two, to get a nice amount of stubble going, or do you shave at the first sign of un-BBS-ness?

Before I got my DE, I shave every third day, only because my face would need that long to heal. Since Ive gotten my DE, Ive been shaving everyday to magnificent results. I really dig that constant BBS feel.
man, it depends, but i usually shave MWF, sometimes on a saturday evening.
i would have shaved this morning if i would've gone to church, but, i skipped today.
I shave almost every morning. I'm sure that I missed a couple of days last year, but they were most likely related to sickness.
Being in the military I have to shave everyday, the only difference between now and before I started DE shaving, I enjoy it!
Until a couple of years ago I didn't need to every day - it would take a couple of days for stubble to show then I'd give my face the Mach3 treatment - and I'd get a fair bit of irritation on my neck that would prevent me from shaving for another day or two.

I was prescribed several courses of steroids and my beard just seemed to come in a lot quicker, and a lot thicker afterwards. I started shaving every day then - dark beard really pale skin so it shows up a lot. A couple of chaps on a rugby forum I frequent got sick of my whingeing about the cost of cartridges - I was getting through a pack or two each month, and pointed me in the direction of DE shaving.

These days I shave every morning, and almost completely free of irritation - unless I go a bit overboard. :001_smile
It's necessary to shave every 2nd day.

For me Sunday, Tuesday and friday.

Shaving every day ruins my skin.
I shave every day.

Don't care to, but I need to for work. I used to grow out when I took time off for vacations or such, but payed for it when I had to mow it down Monday morning.

Now since switching to DE I look forward to the experience every day. I don't rush it and enjoy the personal time I get taking care of myself.

I have the "pale face - dark whisker" combo that used to make me look like I needed a shave by lunch. Since going DE I look smooth until supper time at least.

Big difference for me is consistent shaves, without bumps and irritation around my neck.

Once in a while I skip a couple days to get a nice shave with an open comb.
Big difference for me is consistent shaves, without bumps and irritation around my neck.

This is true for me as well. I always liked shaving, until I was about half way through, and my face openly weeped for the torture to stop. Since getting a DE, I not only enjoy it the whole way though, but its an incredibly smooth shave, with no irritation...not to mention that I can shave everyday now. Good stuff.
Just about everyday: M-F: wake up/shower/shave/coffee. Weekends: wake up/coffee/shower/shave.
I might skip a Saturday every once in awhile, but I would say only 6-10 times a year.
I usually shave just about everyday. In my evening time after work (which is actually the morning). I have found it to be a very relaxing ritual and something to look forward to.
My father was career Air Force, I shave every day at 6:30 am 7 days a week, whether working, not working, sick, hospitalized, camping, on a cruise, does not matter....thats how I was raised

I also spend 1 hour at day at the gym 5 days a week, without fail

I eat no more than 120 carbs per day

I arrive at school where I teach 2 hrs. before I have to

I drink 8 ounces of Scotch every night

I know I am rigid, but it has served me well
I have to shave once a day. My beard grows in fast.
In fact, if I'm going out someplace fancy in the evening, I'll shave before I go out. Otherwise, it's once a day in the morning.
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