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What's your favorite aftershave?

The only aftershave/balm I've tried in my wetshaving is Nivea sensitive balm. I found it in my local drug store and thought I'd start out conservative. I'm ready to increase my options so I thought I'd ask for help.
Jerry, welcome to B&B. There are alot of good AS balms. My personal favorites include Harris AS Milk and Baxter AS balm.

Welcome to B&B - make yourself comfy.

Aftershaves are one of the most personal items in our repertoire. It depends a lot on what characteristics you are looking for: good smell, moisturizing properties, etc. I would second Austin's recommendation of the Baxter balm - I recently discovered it and haven't looked back. There is a review of it posted in this forum.

If you want a very light aftershave, many people swear by Trumper's coral skin food. it is basically just glycerin and rosewater, with some gums and methol added. It is extremely light, and seals the skin against the elements for a while. I personally don't care for it, as I need more moisturizing.

Other popular choices include the Truefitt and Hill AS balms, which are nice, but are a bit heavier, and also contain lanolin which doesn't agree with some gent's skin (including myself). Crabtree and Evelyn also make nice balms, especially the Sandalwood, which you can find in some malls.

Try a few and see what you like. Many places will provide you samples so you can try before buying. If you are looking for a particular property, let us know and we can be more specific.

Its a shame they just went from a $15 6.67oz to a $14 4oz packaging. I think MenEssentials still has some of the old packaging left (same stuff inside)

I like the T&H classic balm as well, but it is far too expensive.
Without question my favorite A/S Balm is Charles Roberts a/s moisture cream... the little $35 jar should last at least a year. Proraso pre/post, C&E Nomad/sandalwood and Proraso liquid cream are also outstanding! :biggrin:
Greetings Jerry,

My favorites in descending order are C&E Sandalwood, C&E Nomad, & Grey Flannel.

Take care,
Greetings Jerry,
It's easier if you split the universe in half, balms and splashes. Moisturising or Bracing (diplomatic way of saying alcohol based)? For me it is simple, moisturizing. Like Truefitt and Hill Classic, or L'Occitane CADE or L'Occitane or Drakkor Noir, or ... :biggrin1:
Hello Jerry,

My favorite balms are Castle Forbes, Lavender, Lime and 1445. I use them as moisturizers in the evening after the shower.

Someone mentioned spritzing on some hydrosol before applying balms. I have been trying this for the past week and it works very well. The balms just glide on the skin very gently, no excessive rubbing into the skin is necessary

Applying hydrosol also helps when applying sunblock. The sunblock goes on very easy, again with no excessive rubbing of the skin, which can cause irritation especially in the neck area.

Plano TX
My current favourite is Yves Saint Laurent M7 though I usually tend to fall back to Dunhill always - not aftershaves, eau de toilettes.
gage0921 said:
Car's a/s is my fav but am interested in proraso pre/post as a a/s

Gage, do you use the Peppermint Hydrolast A/S cream ?

That's what I use, I prefer it over anything else out there right now.
I mirror Joel's list exactly (CAR A/S, Proraso balm and Pre/Post) except in place of the C& E (that I've not tried) I'm loving Ultra Shave as an A/S.

It calms any irritation. It keeps my dry, Michigan Winter face just ridiculously moist all day. Plus, it has some anti-bacterial properties.

I never thought I would be using it in this manner, but I'm hooked!
PAA Aqua D. There is just something about the scent that is, to me, AS perfection. Light, citrusy, and rich body, all in one. Doesn't sound like it makes sense, but this one is a winner. It unseated CC Sandalwood as the one AS I'd keep if I could only have one.
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