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What's Your Brush Today?

Semogue 830 Boar, 23mm

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I love you gnome(s), very cool
Thanks, Beyond being cool my fascination with gnomes is quite convoluted, I assure you. Kabouter is Dutch for gnome. It's also a term adopted by the Kabouters a Dutch Anarchist group founded by Roul van Duijn in the 1970's:
In his book De boodschap van een wijze Kabouter (The Message of a Wise Kabouter) his mission is to create an alternative society. Van Duijn for some time worked at an organic farm and asked the farmer if they were going to get a harvester. “No,” the farmer responded “Noisy machines chase away the kabouters, and we need them to keep our plants healthy.” He used this image to claim for the Kabouters. :letterk1:

Of course, everyone loves the images by Rien Poortvliet of gnomes from the book Gnomes:
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