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Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by beginish, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. beginish

    beginish Moderator Emeritus

    Rooney Heritage Victorian bowl lathering Cade Soap

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  2. djh

    djh Moderator Emeritus


    Mine this morning was a Wee Scot. Tomorrow will be a Rooney 1/2 in Super.
  3. Simpson Tulip 4 from the Somerset Era
  4. Omega 81229 boar face lathering GFT Coconut soap. Got 2 new Omega's and am alternating days with them to break them in and de-funk them. The other is a 31064.
  5. Tonight, I shall use a Simpsons 'Douglas' with MWF.
  6. SOC w/ Omega soap.

    Does anyone else feel that boar brushes work best with soft soaps? I always get better results with them than hard soaps, but alas I rarely use my SOS so its most likely at least partially technique.
  7. mdevine

    mdevine Moderator Emeritus

    For most of November, its been my custom Eagle. I'm doing the Cade challenge and trying my best to stick to the same soap and brush every day.
  8. I seem to get great results with both hard and soft soaps using boar brushes, they just work for me with all soaps. I started with a VDH Boar which actually broke in really nice and soft and produced awesome lather with soaps (mainly Proraso and VDH) and that is what led me to get the Omegas. The Omegas so far are fantastic with hard soaps and so much nicer than the VDH (which I still don't think is as bad as people say, just nothing special)

    My problems is getting badger brushes to work well with hard soaps but they work fine with soft soaps and creams.
  9. Marco

    Marco Ambassador

    Today I used my Semogue SOC with the Cade soap! :thumbup1:
  10. brianw

    brianw Moderator Emeritus

    "56" with QCS Rose .... was superb
  11. Rudy Vey

    Rudy Vey Vendor Contributor

    Today my Sambar stag antler, with a sample of Benton Clay soap.
  12. brg


    The Iberian Alliance: Semogue 830 + La Toja Sensitive
  13. Today was Semogue 830 with MWF. First time using this brush with the fat...wow:w00t:
  14. NF2201 brush with Palmolive soap stick.

  15. nemo

    nemo Moderator Emeritus

    Went to the boar this morning . . . Semogue 1305 to try to tear up the last of the Cade I used in the challenge. Yes, that's the bottom of an Old Spice mug! Still a few days left after using it about 25 days in November . . . and it started the challenge with maybe a quarter puck left. The puck is finally gone, those chips are outer trimmings cut to fit it in there and hold it in place a year ago.

  16. Semogue 2000 with Cella. Still trying to break this one in as it's only about two weeks old, but plenty soft already. At least the stink is almost gone.
  17. somogue 620, used with tabac, the 620 finally broke in about a week or so ago and i am still celebrating with it. Don't know why but i had an unusually close and comfortable shave to boot.
  18. beginish

    beginish Moderator Emeritus

    :thumbup1: Isn't the bottom of the mug a sight for sore eyes?
  19. Thater Chubby/0 Plexiglass Handle
  20. Truefitt and Hill Rooney 3/1

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