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What's Your Brush Today?

This is my first boar brush, and my second brush generally. I bought it 3 days ago and broke it in by having it soaked all day in the water and working it on a towel and with two testing latherings. I lathered my face today and makes good lather while also feeling soft. So i guess i didn't destroy it :)



Shave 20200801
Brush: The Tech Hive Butterscotch Beehive (26mm Tuxedo)
shave 20200801_112037_2.jpg
The Tech Hive Butterscotch Beehive (26mm Tuxedo) is a pretty darn good buy for the money. Whipped up lots of lather from the small dollop of La Toja Cream I placed in the Captain's Choice Copper bowl. Felt very comfortable on my face. Nice Tuxedo synthetic brush.