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My Gillette Double Ring has after quite a lot of trouble been restored to a shave ready state. Now I need to decide what to use for its first shave and I am leaning 2 ways I either go for an ultra luxury shave (all Blenheim Bouquet) or I go for a shave with items that were in use when this DR was first sold in 1904. I can only get as far as Williams Mug Soap though so are there any other good period products out there especially an After Shave? Should I only use a Gillette blade as well?
The Clubman company has been around since 1810, but I do not know when they started making after shaves or what is the original scent...

Edit* According to the clubman website Lilac Vegital was created for Napoleon III, so that would be in that same era.

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go old school.

Imperial Leather AS, which is in coles and stuff has been around for at least that long and is pretty good