"What was the first Shavetool that clicked for you?" Contest.

Discussion in 'Shavetools' started by Sargon, Feb 20, 2012.

    I've had quite a few "clicks" but I'd say the first one was my Lord L6. I had been using a cheap Chinese TTO that worked fine but the L6 was just a huge step above in shave quality. Thanks for the contest!
  1. It was the Merkur Slant Bar razor. That's the razor that first gave me a BBS shave, the razor that mowed down whiskers like a warm knife going through butter.
  2. I'll add another vote for the Merkur 37c slant razor as the shavetool that had the greatest influence on me. I was intrigued by the design and bought and started using a 37c before I learned that it wasn't recommended as a beginner's razor.

    I nicked myself a few times – including slicing my earlobe – but I eventually got the hang of it and now I very rarely cut myself. This improvement was, in no small measure, the result of B&B discussions and photos on the importance of carefully lining up the blade when you load the slant. I find that pulling up on the ends of the blade as you tighten down the head helps a lot in getting the blade lined up correctly.

    The thing that amazed me right from my first shave with a slant was that it was the closest shave I'd ever gotten, much better than any cartridge razor or electric shaver that I'd ever used. And it seemed to work well with practically any brand of blade, although some brands worked better than others.

    I do wish some other manufacturers would try making slant razors. It would be interesting to try some other variations on this theme. I'll probably buy a Merkur barber pole, sledgehammer 39C, eventually, just to compare it to the 37c and to have a spare slant to lend to friends.
  3. I would have to say it clicked for me twice. First was when i figured out "water ratios" in my lather. Second would be my Slim. Awesome, awesome razor.
  4. Shaving cream.

    When I was 14 or 15 I had a little shadow on my chin and above my lip. The first time I shaved... Well... I got back from running 3 miles... saw a razor in the bathroom............
    I picked it up............ looked it over.............. looked at my chin............ looked back at the razor........... Some stupid light bulb went off in my head... I thought sweat would be wet enough to shave with. Won't ever make that mistake again.

    Shaving cream is the first shaving item that just clicked with me!
  5. My first 'clicked' moment came when I loaded my Gillette Slim Adjustable with a vintage Don Juan blade that a coworker had given me. That combination made such an impression on me I used it on my wedding day.
  6. Newbie here. TOBS sandalwood cream in a tub. Love the smell, can't wait to use it again! Even on my non-shaving days, I'll open it up, just to take a whiff of it!
  7. The Frakensoap known as Van der Williams (melted VDH with shredded Williams). I decided to start face lathering around the same time and the combination allowed me to get a decent lather that was (and someone please correct me if I'm wrong with my following assumptions):
    • slick from the VDH glycerin
    • I could tell if the amount of water was good from the notoriously thirsty Williams
    • Cushiony from the combo
    I am now able to get a decent lather while bowl lathering this and other soaps i have.
  8. Your assumptions are spot on good sir! :)
  9. I think the one the REALLY clicked for me was the 2011 Muhle R41. So many other razors gave me irritation, but I finally gave in and thought I would try to tame the "beast." Turns out it isn't a beast at all if used properly. Very close shaves with little to no irritation!
  10. Had to be my Fatboy, but only when I figured out that a comfortable shave was better than a close shave. When I turned it down to 4, it was magic!
  11. The setup that really clicked for me was a Merkur 39c Slant with a SOC Boar brush and RazoRock XXX soap. Still my go to for an awesome shave.
  12. THe first thing that really clicked for me was the Merkur HD 34c. Until I used this razor shaving was a chore. I have since spent more times with soaps and creams and trying to find the perfect brush. But that razor is what really made shaving click.
  13. The first "AHA holy mary what a great shave" was with the first time i used my mergress (merkur progress mod) with Astra blades.... I thought all razors were, or at least the previous ones I've used, supposed to be aggressive and i would use my gillette fusion for "clean up" of the tender areas. The mergress showed me I could dial in the aggressiveness with little to no razor burn for a super comfortable shave. Baby's bottom smooth almost every time. So much better than the fusion 5 bladed caveman club I was using before I started wet shaving (which btw is gathering dust at the bottom of my drawer).

    But none of this would have been possible without two other great tools... 1. A shave diary (which after two months I still keep). I use a "rite in rain" waterproof pocket notebook and a fisher space pen that fits neatly into my shave drawer. In which I write the razor, blade, preshave lotion, shaving soap/cream, post shave ritual, shave rating from 1-10, smell/ quality of soap from 1-10, time from start to finish, and quality of shave (annotating burn and nicks). Second tool is my iPad which gave me easy access to YouTube videos (ESP. Mantic's vids) and frequent sometimes hourly searches of blade and badger.com :)
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  14. I woul have to say my 1979 super adjustable and castle Forbes shave cream. Just a perfect shave every time.
  15. The first time I put my F4 Fatboy to my face I knew it would be a life-long affair. The weight and feel in my hand and against my face was as though it was made for me.
  16. I recently traded my EJ 86 for a Merkur HD 34c on a different forum. From what I was reading, the EJ should have worked out pretty well for me. It was ok, but not great. I actually liked my Shave Factory and Wilkinson Classic better. I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked the 34c! It is awesome! The guy I traded with feels the same way about the EJ. Win, win on the trade!
  17. Aside from my first razor I would say that a blade sampler was a big revelation for me. It helped me figure out a few blades that were good for me and turned average shaves into great ones!
  18. The first shave tool that clicked for my was a straight razor. It was a vintage Electric Cutlery. About 80 years old, I bought it NOS, and it held a fantastic edge and shaved like a dream.

    However, with an equal share of melancholy and delight, it has been passed down to my son when he embarked on the voyage of wet shaving.

    With any luck it will serve a few generations of wet shavers in my family. :thumbsup:
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    Congratulations Insomb! You're the lucky winner. I hope that your Vie-Long boar will click for you. And thanks to all of you for making this contest a success!

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