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what to do with three packs of 95 new unwanted blades?

I've bought three 100-packs of blades and tried about five of each, leaving me with an incomplete pack of a bunch of blades. I'd like to sell them (at cost even), but I don't want to go to the hassle of selling them piece by piece in terms of the individual 5/10 packs. I don't really want to exchange them, because I found the blades I need and am set for blades for a long time. Does anyone have suggestions what I can do to try to recoup some of the cost of buying these packs?
I agree with the BST and PIF suggestions, but have you considered a trade? Since you already have a supply of blades you like, you may want to offer a trade for something else of equal value.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Be well and stay safe...
If you aren’t going to use them, a PIF would be a nice way to find them a home.

As a point of reference, a 100 pack of Russian PPI blades (GSB, Nacet, Astra SS, Polsilver, etc) will fit in a standard first class envelope and can easily be sent with 3 stamps. I did not even need to go past my mailbox to send them across the country.

It may be nice to receive a PIF, but there is a good feeling when sending a PIF.
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