What sharpening system do you use?

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    I also have the Ken Onion Worksharp. I picked it up used with about 10 belts for $50. I had a Spyderco that was really dull. It was very sharp in less than 10 min (taking my time and following the directions). Changing the belts is a snap. I can't sharpen freehand to save a life, so this thing is a Godsend for me.
  1. Claudel Xerxes

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    Now I'm thinking about getting one. How well do the belts seem to hold up?
  2. Very well. It's not a cheapo. Replacement belts are not expensive and my original ones still work just fine.

    But I'm using my new Arkansas stone now...because it's new.
  3. Lansky...but do not use it at all now, need to find a new home for it...once I can be bothered ebay will be getting a lot of gear :-(
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    Spyderco Sharpmaker. Very simple, and brings most edges to an arm hair shaving level in about five minutes. I've even clamped it to a table and sharpened swords with it.
  5. Just be aware that it puts a convex edge on a knife.

  6. I give my wife's favorite kitchen knives about 10 laps on a sharpmaker, every week. I only use the fine stones for this. Other knives usually get the harbor freight diamond plates, when needed.
  7. Toothpick

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    Very cool!
  8. Free hand on a variety of carbos and naturals. If the edge is in decent shape I usually go directly to a washita sometimes following with finer naturals and strops if I'm in the mood.
  9. I really admire you guys who have the skill required to sharpen using stones. I tried them, and all I did was made my blades duller.
  10. I’ve used jap water stones for several years with pretty good results. I grew tired of the mess and amount of time it took so I purchased the Ken Onion system. I love it. Simple, quick and consistent.
  11. Honestly, I use a Spyderco Ultra Fine rod for 90% of my sharpening. I try not to go too long between sharpening, so once every week or so, I'll just do ten to twenty strokes per side. I had to use diamond paste to finish, but it's usually unnecessary. Keeps my knives the sharpest of anyone I know!
  12. OldSchoolYoungin:
    Was the diamond paste used to finish the stones or the knives?
    I have been using my white/fine rods that came with the kit (on kitchen knives), did not buy the ultra-fine stones.
    Will the white stones ever wear?
  13. The diamond paste is used for the knives.

    I don't think the fine stones show much noticeable wear, even if used a lot, but you'll want to clean the stones themselves every few honings or so to clean off any steel that gets embedded into the medium.

    The ultra fine stones don't wear at all, but need to be cleaned up in the same way. You really don't even need them unless you're a sharpening geek like me; fine or even medium stones will get the job done well beyond any normal person's expectations. In fact, I prefer keeping it as simple as possible so that I get that much better using fewer tools.
  14. Bu the way, I did sharpen a razor on the default white stones. I think I started trying to even out the grind on a cheap diamond plate, then tried the sharpmaker. Eventually finished up on a natural stone. I thing the sharpmaker was helpful to the process, they are narrow. The blade had a warped grind, I can shave with it now.

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