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What nostalgic activities do you partake in?

Some of mine are cb radios, fine cigars, and also a beer connoisseur. Also, I want to get into brewing beer.

On another note, what is disc golf?
On another note, what is disc golf?

It's the same concept as golf but instead of hitting a ball with a club into a hole you throw a specialty frisbee for a basket. The "Driver" models fly alot further than any norma frisbee I am not that great at the game but with a good throw I can clear a football field.

www.pdga.com will tell you alot :cool::biggrin:
I shoot Cowboy Action matches. In those matches you have to use either guns or replicas of guns made before 1899, and wear old-timey clothes (or replicas)...
heh yeah i seen a thing on tv about something similiar to that. this guy could take out like 5 targets in a second it seemed like.
Definitely a great game. I lived across the street from a course for about a year in Chapel Hill. Played almost every day when the weather was nice. :)
I have no use for nostalgia.

Wetshaving isn't a nostalgic activity for me (nor is drinking good booze, walking to work, or listening to music that wasn't made on a computron [don't get me wrong...I also love computer music]).
I don't understand how wet shaving is nostalgic; I only recently started doing it.

My nostalgic activities usually consist of waking up early on saturday and watching a dvd of some cartoon I used to watch as a kid. I also occasionally played some classic video games with a friend, but that mostly ended with "damn. the NES froze up again."
heh. well for me straight shaving and old school de razors are nostalgic. it reminds me of your old school barbers with the old man smell (old spice hehe) floating around the room.
While not as nostalgic as I could play it I love golf. Been playing for approximately 19 years now. Sure persimmon is classic but I'll take my 8 degree R7 any day. I especially like just getting away from a computer and just strolling with my old man on a Sunday afternoon.

Also death to the non collared shirts. This isn't tennis, please dress appropriately on the course. Collared polo shirt, pressed slacks and proper golf shoes (no sneaker spikes!)
I hate nostalgia more than anything. You block out all the bad stuff and get this silly distorted picture of your past and way too many people take it as true and hence the popularity of the "back in my day, things were so much better" kind of thinking.

Aside from a few exceptions, like maybe the Tintin comics I read, or classic Disney movies, so often when I've revisted something I thought was so much fun or so cool as a kid I now just end up thinking - "man this is crap... how did I like this?"

But yeah, I'm not sure how wet shaving could be nostalgic unless you started off shaving that way then stopped and now you're 60 and decided to give it another go.
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