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What Makes a Brush Floppy?

I have to admit that I sometimes get slightly confused reading the Brush reviews.:confused:

Is floppiness caused by the softness of the bristles or how densely packed the bristles are? I would think both contribute to floppiness.:001_unsur

Also, is a larger brush more likely to be floppy?

Another question: I have a SR-208 which I really like. I love how soft it is and it works great. Is there another brush that is about the same size or slightly larger that is just as soft but is packed more densely?
I think you've got a working idea on what "floppy" is. Yes, the bristle softness and density contribute to that attribute. I also think loft height is another factor. As loft height increases, you've got potential for more splaying and bending.

Your SR 208 is what would be considered "floppy" [by some]. The badger hair is very fine and very soft. I think that's what contributes to it's luxurious feel as well.

For other brushes that feel as soft, but are firmer (not necessarily denser), I'd consider Savile Row Silvertips and Shavemac.
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