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What I've Learned After 6 Months

I'd like to share some things that I've learned about wet shaving over the past few months. Hopefully some new guys will find it helpful and maybe even some of the not so newbies will learn a thing or two.

First, I know we read it on the forum every day, but no pressure means no pressure. It took me months to get the hang of this, especially on my neck. When you think you are using no pressure, use less.

Cheap doesn't always mean it's no good. I've found a few aftershaves and soaps on the lower end of the price spectrum that perform very well.

When a shave doesn't go well don't blame the products you used. 99% of the time, maybe even 100% of the time you have a bad shave, it's your technique, not the products. 2 days ago I had what I would consider a below average shave with some irritation. I decided to use the same exact products tonight and had a great shave. Blame your technique, not your products.

Some people learn DE shaving faster than others. I typically shave every other day so I'm sure that slowed me down some, but I see a lot of guys on here saying they are getting great, irritation free shaves after just a month or two. Don't get discouraged if your shaves aren't where you expect them to be after a few months. It definitely does get better. Some, like myself, just take longer to catch on.

Comfort over closeness. Who cares how close your shave is if it causes irritation. In time you will get close and comfortable shaves. Don't push your limits. If you feel any irritation during your shave, stop there. You can always get it next time.

Map your beard growth, then map it again, then map it a third time. I had little bumps that just would not go away. I thought I was shaving WTG when I really wasn't. I have two trouble spots where my whiskers grow in all different directions. I have to be very careful in those spots to make sure I don't go ATG.

Don't over stretch your skin. It's alright to stretch it, but don't pull it as tight as you can get it. This will cause irritation. At least it does for me.

It's ok to make weird faces while your shaving. You're the only one in the bathroom anyways.

Witch hazel is some sort of magical liquid sent down from Heaven.

Wet shaving does not save you money! :biggrin1: