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What is your oldest vintage Gillette razor?

Question please. For those of you using an old type, does the OC lead to more nicks, weepers, etc.? I ask because I’m contemplating buying one, and I wonder how it compares, say, to my pre-war fat handle tech. Thanks in advance.
I have multiple Old Types as well as New LC & SC's. All give smooth irritation free shaves. My best Old Type will give any of my Techs a run for their money for overall excellent shaves, but I've also discovered that choice of soap can make or break performance of any razor.
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Having only been in this game for a few months, my collection is just starting. I'm not sure which is my oldest between a '50 Super Speed and a Post-war Ball End Tech.
My daily driver is mostly a '53 Super Speed.

It's Hedley

My recently acquired 1905 Gillette Double Ring...


I believe the serial # to be 243023 or is it 248028? Tough to be certain whether they are 3's or 8's. What say you?

Canadian Big Fellow. I could be wrong, but I think they were made around 1919-1921. I don’t use it often, but it’s one of my best shavers. It’s heavy, aggressive and super-smooth. One day I hope to have it re-plated.
Silver plated 1921 New Improved Tuckaway with blade case and display case that I picked up last weekend at a local Antique Store for $25. Before cleaning and after pic next to a post war gold tech. Haven't shaved with it yet, still have a 1930s SC New that I need to clean up first--still looking for an old type.


My son and I picked up an old type with a thin cap at a flea market, a few years ago. It has a serial number, so I'd guess it's pre 1921. I haven't tried to date it more accurately than that. It has a very badly broken ball end handle, which we replaced with a replica handle from Razor Emporium. The cap and guard plate both look like brand new, with very little wear and no damage. We paid $5 for it.
I just got done polishing up my 2 oldest, they are short comb new’s. One is the fat handled gold/brass and the other is supposed to be a slim handle nickel plated razor. I also have a 1946/1947 Aristocrat with the gold plating still in tact.


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As best as I can tell, my oldest razor is a 1921 Gillette ball handle which was PIF'd to me by a very generous B&B member.
I'm a baby with my 46-50 ball end lol. Re-plated base and handle, I'm about to attempt to plate the top cap as well, as I'm getting a fair amount of brass peeking out.