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What is your go-to balm when . . .

As a newbie, I've been using Proraso with great results. But, I've been getting samples and buying bottles of some high-end colognes. As we all know, the Proraso balm has some scent to it.

What is the go-to balm when you don't want it to compete with the cologne you will be applying later?

The Proraso scent is short lived. Within 20-30 minutes, at least for me, the scent is gone. You can also try an aloe based gel or balm for something with little or no scent.

I have found that the Trumper's West Indian Limes Skin Food has almost no scent when applied. What scent there is disappears within minutes.
Trumpers Limes skin food, or Trumpers Coral - I alternate between both. After about 20 minutes the scent is almost gone. :smile:
I thought of a couple more when trying to organize the drawer in my shave den. :blush:

CornHusker's lotion is very soothing and lightly scented. Apply a small amount with damp hands.

The other is an aloe based aftershave gel from The Body Shop. It works very well and has no scent. The Body Shop is very good about giving samples. If you have one nearby I would suggest stopping in and asking for samples of various products.
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