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What is smoother than baby butt smooth?

My face, that's what!!! :001_smile You have heard of superlathers, you have heard of uberlathers but today I ventured into the realm of the wonderlather! Yes that is right, wonderlather!

Ok so its actually just another superlather but the shave was amazing. The key; a mix of MWF and Proraso green! Anyone else use this combo? It is amazing.

My fiance works a late shift tonight and I wanted to be baby butt smooth when she gets home so what could I do? I decided to take my two favorites, proraso and mwf, and mix them with my Simpson Duke 2. Using my dovo 5/8ths and finishing with proraso AS splash and proraso post cream, I managed to do a 4 pass shave (wtg, xtg, atg, atg/touchup) with no irritation. Feeling minty and fresh after my shave, I sprayed on some paco rabanne 1 million which has nice mint notes and I achieved a moment of shaving nirvana!

Just wanted to share my experience and see if anyone else regularly mates these two amazing products!

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