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What is a Gillette Blue Star Razor?

I just purchased a Gillette Blue Star DE razor... My very first one!! It has a blue metal handle and blue stars towards the top.

Does anyone know anything about this razor? I am a newbie and was wondering if it would be good to use it as a first shaver, or should I look at buying something else?

Thanks for the help...
It's a good shaver. I have one, my g/f has one, and I also have one in Silver. It is a Lady Gillette, but consider it a long handled Gillette. Richard (Coche_y_bondhu), is a big fan of these razors.

Oh, I wouldn't do that. It isn't really worth enough money to sell. None of your friends will know it was originally marketed as a ladies razor. It probably gives a great shave, and would be a greater razor for a newbie to start with. Quite a number of guys around here use them, as I remember from looking at the SOTDs. Keep it and give it a go, I'd say. I'd be silly to dump it just because it was originally for the ladies, especially since it doesn't look particularly fem in any way.
I agree with the others, keep it and give it a try!

I believe it is a fine looking razor, and should be a good shaver for a newbie.
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