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What have you guys done to me....obsessed...who me ?

4 months on and probably more an update for my own reference than anything else :001_smile

Here's what normally sits on the bench. Wifey seems pretty happy though she sometimes says things like " How come there's another brush and more razors on the bench ?? " :001_tongu


Little does she know what lurks in assorted cupboard and drawers......

2 months

4 months

I won't name everything but razors are:
T1 Knack, I1 Slim, #58, Parat, F1 Fatboy
Aristocrat #16, Aristocrat #21,, I3 Slim, , English Balltech
Rocket HD, English Alutech, G2 Fatboy
Main Blades : 200 X Astra Sup Plat, 50 X Black Feather

Certainly not the biggest collection on B&B by a long shot but I'm happy with it.

mmm wonder what it'll look like in another 2 months time :w00t:
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Nice collection Ian... Seems to me that you need to work on the Aftershaves and razor blades...:001_tongu
Resistance to the urges are futile. I myself feel that I will have to start going to "anonymous" meetings pretty soon. I can see it now..."Hi, I'm Nozzlejocky, and I wet shave.":biggrin:
Nice set of stuff!

Two words of advice: 1. Give in re straights--they are just too much "fun" not to in my experience no to try them and it is possible you will not like them and save yourself some time and money. 2. Stay away from edts/scents.

I seem to have accumulated a bunch of shave stuff myself, but I find I have some ability to resist acquiring lots of razors, lots of shave creams and soaps, lots of brushes, numeous strops, etc. I of course own more than one of everything, and I read what folks post for sale and visit the various vendor sites, but I do not find myself searching out every item I newly hear about.

But I do find I have to have at least a decent-sized decant of every edt/scent any one has ever talked about! And I have spent way more time than makes sense searching out the rare and obscure ones!
Apart from the razors listed below, I can now add a 30s UK Gillette Aristocrat in mint/near mint condition with original blades and paperwork!.

I have 2 brushes (only because I am very happy with my main one) One from Becker Manicure (Germany) that I got for below cost at a cosmetic trade fair in Hong Kong (for work!) and an Edwin Jagger which I use as my travel brush.

Shave cream: TOBS, Indian Old Spice (Favourite) Godrej De Lux (Indian), Yardley Gold (Indian)

Aftershave: Old Spice (indian) is my favourite and I can't be bothered trying others AS.

And either SWMBO hasn't noticed or she chooses to ignore the odd new razor turning up. That and I think she enjoys the baby's bum smooth face!
Im in the same boat. Although I think Im done with buying razors, I have been constantly looking for different shaving creams, after shaves, pre-shaves and anything else that has to do with shaves. LOL
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