What exactly does SWMBO stand for?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by shave/brush, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. shave/brush

    shave/brush Contributor

    I know I saw it once and I know it's "the wife" but I forgot what each letter stands for. Someone please tell me.
  2. I don’t know, I will ask She Who Must Be Obeyed and get back to you

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  3. +1! Precisely! You might check out the list of B&B abbreviations.
  4. The original phrase was popularized by the BBC comedy Rumpole on the Bailey, which used to air in the US on PBS around the time everyone was first getting connected to the internet. That was itself a callback to an old Rider Haggard novel.
  5. Significant (Women, Man, Both) Other
  6. You know, I've never had to consult with my love nor has she had to consult with me about such frivolous stuff. ;)
  7. shave/brush

    shave/brush Contributor

  8. Yeah it’s definitely “She Who Must Be Obeyed “
  9. That's why I hate using acronyms. I just pronounce them in my mind. They have no meaning.
  10. Every couple has their own definition of where frivolous ends. The wife didn't care that I bought a vintage razor for $12, but I think if I were to drop $400 on a OneBlade Genesis without telling her, there would be words. :a13:
  11. She does not need to be concerned about me spending $400 on a razor because she understands that I have the skill set to achieve shaving bliss with a $5 Micromatic. I have shown myself to be a man of evidenced based decisions.
  12. rockviper

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    Yup. HRH's series about She/Ayesha is where it all started.
  13. Variation on "Her indoors".... (Popularized by Arthur Daley in TV series 'Minder'.)
  14. shave/brush

    shave/brush Contributor

    I agree. Why not just write it out. If you don't have the time then why be here?
  15. Why you ask . It just makes writing a little easier , and not so formal.
  16. You could spend a lifetime writing out the likes of Imperial Chemical Industries, Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti, Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation....... (zzzzz, falls asleep)
  17. Merle

    Merle Contributor

    As long as you, in your mind when considering the full list of benefits for such an item, include an equal amount to be spent upon her desires concurrently or upon her whim. If you get that priority in order, all's good.
  18. How about just "wife"?

    Leo McKern made the phrase droll as Rumpole.
    It's flat as an acronym.
  19. Somnos

    Somnos Contributor

    Well done...:a14:
  20. Yep. In my mind it's "Swim-bo". My favorite is "Gull Wits" (GLWTS - good luck with the sale).

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