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What do you want for Christmas? What are you giving?

I'm curious what B&B'ers want for Christmas this year? I've asked my wife for a new badger brush and some creams. On the non-shaving side I'd like the last Tom Clancy book and some running gear.

On the giving side, SWMBO wants some artwork by Carl Bloc to hang in the home. I'm not sure where I'll find it, but I always manage to find ways to make her happy. :001_tongu
SWMBO is getting a new easel to replace her crappy one, and some art supplies, her, her sister and her mother do the artsy crafty thing and put on craft shows. I would like to get a slant, some type of new soap. Who knows, just something shaving related. A razor stand to hold the 3 that I now have.
Here's my list for my wife/kids/in-laws to pick a couple things from.

Black Dress Socks
Dark Colored Hand Towels
Chicago Metal Comb
Flannel Shirts

Old/Antique Shaving/Barber Stuff
QCS - Iced Key Lime Shave Soap
Mama Bear - Ye Olde Barbershop - 5 oz
Mama Bear - Aromatic Pipe Tobacco Soap - 5 oz
Dr. Harris - Marlborough Shave Soap
DR. Harris - Arlington Shave Soap
Simpson Colonel X2L Best Badger
Weber Stainless Steel Bulldog Handle

Plants for Office Cubical (Ivy, Bamboo, Cactus)
Programmable Tea Pot
Teas - Loose Leaf or Bagged
Victorinox Forschner Kitchen Knife
Glencarin Whisky Glass from WCS w/B&B Logo
Finum Tea Infuser, Medium

As far as giving presents, so far I have a complete shaving set for my LOTH. Also have a shower organizer for it. I will be getting her some hats and scarves as well. Also some Transsiberian Orchestra tickets and possibly a Cricut.
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I've reached the age where all I want for Christmas is peace & happiness at home and a relaxing holiday.

My kids are getting a Kindle Fire, a sewing machine for kids, a guitar, a Go-Pro, and a few other odds and ends. We try not to go overboard. One big thing each and a few small things. We are pretty frugal all year so enjoy hooking them up with items that will last.

I want to get my wife a nice Movado watch.
I got a starter set for a friend:

1950 superspeed
Omega synthetic brush (not the cheap one)
TOBS shaving cream
Blade sampler.

For myself, I have enough razors, soaps, and blades for several reincarnations, so don't need more shaving stuffs.
I really want a Hull Old Spice Shaving mug. The older the better.

My wife wants some classic hershey stuff. Hard to find around here (30 min from Hershey) as it's in high demand.

I'm thinking about some soaps and possibly a Weber PH.

My wife wants and is getting a new Garmin GPS.

My son wants and is getting a bass guitar.
What I want is easy... anything wet shaving. Razors, soaps, creams, blades, brushes, whatever. What can I say, my ad is in high gear. The "main" gift I'm giving is my daily razor. I'm getting my grandfather's E4 Fatboy replated in rhodium and giving it to my cousin. I just recently turned him to "our" side and he said he liked the weight of it. I'll miss it but, they'll be more. Have a happy thanksgiving everyone!
Spent big money (for me) on THE item SWMBO really wants. It's a vintage large Hershey Chocolate mold. Now I can stop sweating what to get her :)

My wife is getting me a scuttle, and possibly a new, more stylish brush and razor stand. I am also getting a new tablesaw and a one-day pinstriping/airbrushing class with a local master to help with that hobby. I am getting her a new watch and a new laptop. We aren't going all-out on each other this year. This is our son's first Christmas, so most of the fundage will be thrown his way.
Getting - ATT R2 head

Giving - 1912 Damaskeene with box, all perfect condition to nephew & 1912 with box and original blades in perfect condition to nephew in law. This will be fun to watch as they are both tough guy weight lifters and nephew is an inactive marine. They are BILs and get on great with each other. They will either make a contest out of using the razors or the razors will end up being a pass around stocking stuffer in the family for years to come. Time will tell.
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Unacceptably Lasering Chicken Giblets?
I bought all of the guys in our family brushes, old spice mugs, blades, and shaving soaps. I had a brush made for my father and the rest got brushes I already had but don't use.
Got my dad some Eton College SC along with some lightfoots pine ( he loves pine ). I've never personally tried it but i hear its a pain to lather so i hope he can muster something up :p and beer. cant go wrong with some craft beers from around the world.
I can't help but feel bad for the person who buys shaving gear for me, im too picky and usually just do it myself to save them the hassle haha
What I want is simple. Help buying appliances and moving. She's getting a nice house with me. Christmas is pretty plain this year.
I just recently got my dad back into wet shaving and he really enjoys it so far. I found him a really nice birth year/quarter Slim that I'm excited to give him.
Savile Row xx24 silvertip brush. SWMBO (aka the Best Ever) has already placed the order.
She will receive exactly what she asked for: a crystal ball. Really.
Don't worry, I have some other ideas up my sleeve.
Not much. The wife wants a new camera, so we're all (me , her parents, my parents, my brothers) chipping in to get her one. As for me, not much I really want/need, though I do have a brick of Cella and a bottle of CC Bay Rum on the wish list.
I normally ask for about 6-10 things each year. Mostly clothing and a few other odds and ends. This year I asked for a couple of modest cigars and a small scuttle from Schwarzweisskeramik.

To some, this may sound silly but I wanted Christmas to be more about others than about me. I say this because I am a person who is always spoiled by my loving wife and son. And, I also have felt that I have lost sight of what Christmas is really supposed to be about. I have lost sight of the only true gift that I should be concentrating on this Advent and Christmas.

As for others, I intend to help my family spend our resources on others in our family as well as a family unknown to us who needs financial help.

My wife said that she already has or has bought what she wants and then some. I just ordered a Kent BLK 8 :badger:and a the matching Kent stand. Also, my wife is ordering me an Eves Rochet shaving cream that she thought I might like. She is always making suggestions regarding what she thinks I might like to try.
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