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What do you consider "good enough?"

I used to chase a perfect shave. I was constantly trying new razors, blades, and soaps/creams believing the perfect setup for me was out there and that with enough trial and money, I'd find it. After going through lots of razors, trying tons of different blades, and buying way too many artisan soaps I came to the conclusion that I was making the whole shaving routine way too complicated. I shifted my thinking and focused on making the best of what I already had. My setup now consists of 4 soaps/creams, 2 DE blades, and probably 60% of my shaves are always with the Mamba 70. The other 40% of my shaves are rotating through my collection of razors just for fun (ATT Calypso and OneBlade get used regularly, and I use a straight razor normally on Sunday when I have time for the whole routine).

I no longer chase an all-over BBS shave. Now I get a nice BBS on my face and am comfortable with a DFS on my neck where hair grows in a swirling pattern. At some point I realized that no matter how close my shave was, by lunchtime the stubble would start to arrive. No one looking at me can tell the difference between DFS and BBS, but they can certainly tell if I have razor burn that leaves my neck red all day. Also, becoming comfortable with what I consider a great shave, I'm finally saving the money I expected to save when I bought my first DE razor.

For those of you that have arrived at "good enough," I'm curious what that is for you.
You are writing my words almost. I used my Rockwell 6s, a yaqi synthetic brush, arko/tabac soap, all the De blades I had from the box and nivea as for a year. The setup was excellent for me. I was becoming less active in this forum also... 😂

Then 2 months ago, I bought some bic metal disposable just to try. I posted in this forum.

Then I found (thought it was lost) my yaqi excalibur AC head and started to try it. I posted again in this forum.

Last week I ordered a De Razor over 100 usd including shopping. I am still posting in the forum.

The thing that I am trying to say is that the comments in this forum, the enjoyment of reading their experiences and the purchasing power of the members will push us to break "the good enough" status even when you find it!

Did I tell you that I was going to buy another Ac razor but I said to skip the purchase for some months?
"Good Enough" for me might be a bit different. I aim for something between DFS and BBS, without any irritation, for my daily shave. However, I have more of a long term view as well. Something that I dislike is the ups and downs in shaving quality/comfort. My aim is consistent "Good Enough" shaves. For me personally this means that I cannot switch too much between products/razors between shaves.
A lot of factors go into the shave. Sometimes it's a rush to get out the door and a cursory once over with canned foam is all I can do. Other times I can build a great lather, spend time between passes feeling where I need to concentrate, etc. I always aim for BBS but know that isn't always achievable. My main goal is enjoyment of the process. Then the end result is always the same: satisfaction.


I've lucked out in my combo of genetics* +/- technique +/- equipment +/- my map +/- etc...

It's rare for me to NOT get a BBS shave with no irritation in 2 passes. So typically my good enough would be mild A/S sting.

*I think this is the key for me, although I can grow a dense full coverage beard, my whiskers are fine and straight.


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No such thing as BBS.

1. I get great DFS shaves every single time.

2. I get these doing a two pass modified shave. First pass with the grain face & neck. Second and final pass, across the grain face and against the grain neck.

3. I do this exact same shave and get the exact same results with my favorite DE, SE, Straight, Shavette and a vintage Trac II handle & cart. Rotation keeps my skill & technique honed with all.

4. One different soap for each season, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer to keep just a bit of variety and prevent boredom. And A stick of Arko for travel.

5. I used to have close to 30 brushes over the years, of all make, quality and price. But I have culled the herd down to just 4 brushes now; and will probably be getting rid of the single boar and badger/boar mix that I have very soon and will be left with only 2 synthetic’s which see the most use.

6. In my time here, I have collected and acquired over 200 vintage & modern aftershaves and created the Bootlegger’s Series of aftershave mixes and concoctions. I love them all, but all these aftershaves seem to contradict the overall theme I have of 4 soaps, 4 razors and 2 brushes? Don’t they?

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My ultimate goal is usually determined by the razor I use. If I use a softer one, like a Muhle R89, I'd compromise and be satisfied, even if I don't achieve full BBS. But by using a Muhle R41 and not making an absolute BBS, I will consider this a complete failure, a waste of time, soap and Feather.:001_smile
The good news is that with the R41, it's not difficult and I always succeed. Even with each subsequent time, it happens faster and easier, with fewer movements, without irritations.
I'm squarely in the "good 'nuff" club.

For me, a 100%, true BBS doesn't exist. I'm talking about a shave so perfect and smooth that you could drag a cotton ball anywhere on your face, in any direction, and not detect a single snag. Doesn't exist...at least in my world. My face hasn't felt that way since before puberty.

My typical DE shave is the standard three-pass (north/south, east/west, south/north) with touch up on my jaw line, upper lip, and sides of my chin below the corners of my mouth. Anything more would be an irritaion-fest.

My best shaves are true BBS on my cheeks and the underside of my jaw, and DFS (very smooth feeling) everywhere else.
This has been a fun thread to read through as a recent convert to the craft of safety razor shaving. I'm only two weeks in using my Supply SE. I recently bought a Rockwell 6C to try DE. I'm figuring out what my "Good Enough" is.

I've noticed when I shave every other day I can get BBS cheeks with three passes (WTG, XTG, ATG). My neck seams content with two passes (WTG, ATG) which gives DFS.

Today was the first day I needed to shave after less than 24 hours. My neck had minimal growth, so I did a combo of XTG/ATG single pass. Good enough for me today. The face got an XTG pass and an ATG pass. Good enough and almost BBS. I'm very much leaning towards DFS with no blood/irritation being important.

I'm also not one to pamper myself, but I'm finding the slow and methodical way of shaving to be quite enjoyable. Each step in the process is something to slow down and enjoy. This is something I never did when using the Mach 3 or Dollar Shave Club razors.
DFS (or better) is good enough for me. Going usually with WTG, 2x XTG or 1x ATG passes. If there is no post shave razor burn or weepers then it's ok.
My two-pass plus touch-up gradually morphed into three passes. I started to not be able to resist picking up that stray roughness I could feel on the final rinse.

For a while I did this, but then I started to see that it wasn't good for my skin.

I have since changed to two-passes only. I have changed my approach to the second pass to pick up more of the rough spots. Once the two passes are done, I just stop, regardless.

This is better for me, and I am also learning to do a mlre efficient second pass, so it's a win-win.


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I'm 70 and my wife will soon join me on her birthday in January. Our youngest son and his wife had their first child on July 30th, our first grandchild, a granddaughter. We're excited and have been enjoying her these past few months.

I said that to say this... My face will never be BBS. I don't care how close a shave is.. my face will just never been that smooth. My goal is when I apply (post shave) the slick Metro Gel prescribed by my dermatologist for some ongoing skin issues, I don't want to feel any pesky whiskers I've missed. I'd say I get there on the vast majority of my shaves. If I feel whiskers, I often hit that area again with my Claymore Evo I keep loaded all the time, but thankfully, a three pass usually does the trick, though I do do the XTG pass in both directions... so perhaps that is actually a 4 pass shave, technically.

The goal for me has always been to enjoy the shave, from my very first days of traditional wet shaving. I noticed that the very first shave I did with my brand new ESC/Alpha Claymore Evolution. I had a lot to learn, obviously.... but I enjoyed that first shave so much, I ended up looking around on the net and found B&B. This place has been informative, and equally as important, fun.
A lot have changed since I started my journey in 2013.
At first all I wanted was a comfortable shave. Then I read here about BBS and tried to go for that.
I realized it's not feasible for me after suffering from constant irritation.
Now I just go for a comfortable shave, usually just WTG with maybe some XTG.
Regarding the perfect tools for the perfect shave, I agree that there is no such thing. The only thing you need to ask yourself is if you prefer a mild shave or an aggressive shave and then pick a razor and blade based on that. Most soaps/creams/brushes these days are good for anyone unless you are sensitive to something.
Hardware has gotten so good this days that you can get excellent tools without breaking the bank.
Also, we need to differentiate someone who wants to save money to someone that shaving is his hobby.


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The general philosophy that drives me is, "Nothing's too good for me." Given that, the very concept of "good enough" is, at best, distasteful. Unfortunately, I find plenty of examples of work that somebody thought was good enough - and it almost never is.

Climbing down from my high horse, I will have to admit that as a retired gentleman I do not sit around the house in a suit and tie - so I suppose I do actually dabble in good enough. But I don't choose to with shaving, woodworking, music making, grand-parenting or golf.

I could do a daily one pass shave that looked OK, but i shave for my wife - and nothing's too good for her.
I've only been traditional wet shaving with DE razor for a couple of years now, but in that short time I've pretty much settled on software/hardward/technique that works for me.

I've enjoyed reading all the comments on B&B and have tried a dozen or so razors, blades and soaps based on user recommendations, but my urge for further experimentation has pretty much petered out.

Shaving isn't too challenging for me because I don't have a real heavy beard plus I'm retired and lazy so I only shave every other day.

Two passes with RR Gamechanger .84 razor loaded with whatever the next blade is in my stash and MWF, Haslinger or Cella soap give me relatively close, comfortable shaves without breaking the bank. I'm calling that 'good enough' for now. Other interests have enough of my attention that I don't devote too much time and money on pursuing the perfect shave.

Thanks to B&B community and all the great new products, shaving is now a more relaxing, enjoyable experience rather than just a chore.
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I have to be careful on my neck due to swirls and thick whiskers that lay flat against my skin, so I only go for dfs or ccs in that area or I end up with ingrowns. Everywhere else I can be aggressive, but not my neck.
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