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What Do You Now Mainly Shave With?

What do you mainly now shave with?

  • Double edge (DE) razor all types

    Votes: 94 69.6%
  • Single edge (SE) razor incl. injectors

    Votes: 13 9.6%
  • Straight Razor (SR) incl. disposable blade SR's

    Votes: 20 14.8%
  • Cartridge/disposable razor

    Votes: 2 1.5%
  • Electric

    Votes: 3 2.2%
  • Other (please elaborate)

    Votes: 3 2.2%

  • Total voters
My only DEs are slants, and at the moment I have three: Merkur 37, RR Wunderbar and ATT S2.

I have SE Gem and Gemish razors from the Gem Jr. Bar to the Blackland Sabre with L1 and L2 plates.

I have SE AC razors: ATT SE1/SE2, RR Hawk V3SB/V3OC.

I don't use injectors. Got enough rabbits to chase.

At the moment I am really digging into the Sabre L2 for the next couple of weeks. Loving the Gem shaves I'm getting from that razor! I still want to play with the AC some more but this is more engaging. So, mainly Gem, specifically Blackland Sabre is the main event for the foreseeable future.

The Weck Surgical Prep is dominating the rotation right now. I’m using a Fromm Edge Ahead blade in it, but recently picked up some Personna hair shaper blades to try. The synthetic restore of a Rubberset 400-4 is the brush of choice in most cases. I’m lathering in the Fine Accoutrements Lather Bowl. The soap and AS are variable.

Roughly this:

DE all the way for me. I have a Muhl I overpaid for and a steal of a Gillette SS. That's right about the sweet spot for me between work, enjoyment, and effectiveness. While I'll always be straight curious, I'm fairly confident I'll never take that plunge.

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
I have about a dozen vintage Gillettes, a couple Merkurs, & a few FaTips, but for 6 years I've used a black handle 70s Super Speed nearly every day. It's the DE equivalent of the 70s slant six engine. Doesn't turn any heads, doesn't break any records, but it never misses a start. It's like shaving with a Dodge Dart every morning.
I use DE, SE and ST8 all on a regular basis but gravitate to my GEMs and Ever Ready most days
Me too... the folks over at Micromatic Monday converted me to GEM razors, which give me the closest and longest lasting shave of any razor I have ever used.


After trying a ton of razors I pretty much settled on a ‘daily driver’ at home (Wolfman WR1) and a ‘travel’ razor (Lord L6) that provide good/great shaves every day!! :thumbup: :thumbup:

Now I need to cull the herds of brushes, blades, soaps, and AS!!
DE will always be my primary. It's more manoeuvrable for me, and easier to traverse horizontally (or near horizontally) below the jaw than an SE or any razor with an inline handle.
I used DE and GII/TracII razors for years. I would go through phases of each. Various razors/handles.

Then almost a year ago I tried the Gillette Guard and absolutely loved it. I have now got a Broman razor. I view this as a more sustainable razor (I am aiming for zero waste where possible) and it is very similar to the Guard. For some reason this kind of SE system just works really well with my skin and is much quicker than DE shaving for me.
rubber duck.

run it on a slate hone......then pasted balsa strops.

friction pulls the hair right out and cleanly.

plus makes a squeaky noise.

I'll change my "other vote" if i get talked out of this method.