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What do you make of this?

Oddly, I don't typically shave my forearms. Other than that, I think some folks can be far too conservative in adding water when they start making lather. I prefer a wet brush that isn't shaken, as I always find I need to add water after the first go round.

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I quickly clicked on another one of his videos and I think he scoops the amount of soap that I use in 3 uses. More power too him, I guess.
Way more soap than I use. Way more time and effort too. I'd probably be on my second pass before he's finished lathering up.

For reference, I load straight from the puck, and the point where he first slows down is probably when I'd stop loading and go straight to the face.

Different strokes for different folks.
I just do not see what is the reason for using the forearm?
Interesting. The forearm is certainly different.
He does that in other videos as well. I think it is just his way of demonstrating as if it were on the face. We had a good visit at Maggard's a few weeks ago. Very likable guy who has his own twist on videos. Actually I find them an interesting version rather than the fellow talking through his shave. Variety is a good thing.
Not how I'd do it, but if it works for him keep on keeping on. What's the old say? "If it's stupid, but it works, it isn't stupid."
I have hard water and don't need that much soap, and I thought I used a lot. Everybody has their own way and for me after soaking my badger I squeeze it out then have a tiny puddle of water in my hand and dip the brush in, that way I know how much water I have in the brush when I start. I dribble in water as needed. I thought the amount of soap he used he should have had the bowl running over in that time.