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What did you lap today?

Shapton Glass 220, 320, 500, 4k, 10k, Shapton RS 3k, developed a pock-hole in the chamfer when lapping, had to widen the chamfer. Really annoying and not exactly confidence building.
Naniwa 5K. I was using a solid diamond plate and the darn thin got stuck. Broke out the interrupted DMT to finish. That sucker was stuck
Working on a soft ark/washita. Got the black to replace the india that was missing from an ib27 i picked up a while back. Still got a bit to go on the washita, needs more time in simple green.


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Naniwa Pro 600
Naniwa Pro 1000
Naniwa IE-0400
Red Bay Oil Stone
TOS/WOA combo
Unidentified slate
Rockstar 3000
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