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What did you lap today?

That looks like Schist in those pix. But it's hard to ID the two accurately in photos sometimes.

Long before Pike opened their shops, or even before Chocolate and Labrador stones were sold in General Stores, people sharpened stuff on whatever stones they could find.
Anyone living near Hot Springs Arkansas had an advantage I think.
Silica is in almost everything, it's the most abundant mineral. So many, possibly most, stones have at least 'some' sharpening capability.
Our building's plumber used to sharpen his work knife on a cobblestone in the driveway. I gave him a natural combo Coti to use instead and he doesn't touch the cobblestone anymore.

Todays sink work.....
Nani Pro 1k, Shapton Pro 2k, extremely hard Shobudani. More to follow.
A 5x2 translucent. Went 80 sic to 220 sic to 400 diamond plate to 1K diamond.
Rick (@Wid), Did the stone come in a box and, if yes, is the cavity on the bottom of the stone the result of removing the stone from the box?

I ask because I am trying to figure out if Norton put stones with two good faces or one good face into boxes.
Rick (@Wid), Did the stone come in a box and, if yes, is the cavity on the bottom of the stone the result of removing the stone from the box?

I ask because I am trying to figure out if Norton put stones with two good faces or one good face into boxes.

I got this in a trade with no box. The person I got it from said it was in lot he bought so I honestly don’t know. It would make perfect sense though. A lot of the old box stones seem to have that rough under side.
Didn’t lap this before I tried it. There were a couple of divots in the stone that I needed to get rid of and it felt a bit rough for what I expected. The shave was ok though.

Used an interrupted DMT 325 to 600 wet/dry. Finished by conditioning the stone with a slurry stone. Gonna go back with the same razor. Should be able to do better off the stone now.
Seasonal sale, so I completed my Naniwa S2 progression with a 2k and a 10k. Unnecessary, but COMPLETE, you know...

The seasonal hustle and bustle finally bustled off, so I got out the DMT Dia-flat 95. I hadn't flattened a fresh S2 in a few years, most of my progression came used on the BST. I just flatten one side.

The 2k had a moderate crosswise hump in the middle. The 10k had a similar hump, but running lengthwise. Whatever?!? Quickly done with the biggish Dia-flat versus my old Atoma 400.

With the plate out, I decided to do my busy bevel setters, a Chosera 600 and a 1k S2. They benefited a little, maybe 4-5 laps to erase the grid. So that made me grab something from the middle. The 5k erased with two light laps, so I was done for the day.

Next up, honing some of those wild razors I have sworn off buying pretending to swear off.
This is a game changer for me, it’s a Naniwa GOUKEN, Compact 1000 grit. It’s a bit of a soaker for my gets me a synthetic bevel setter to take to work. It was concave and convex, put that baby on the belt sander and lapped one side but I lapped it flat on all but the convex side. I’m pretty excited.

First razor hone I purchased back around 1980, or so, was an American Hone Co “Reliance” combination barber hone. That hone never really worked that well for me, and I never really knew why. I finally decided yesterday to lap the hone. I consider it somewhat of an antique and semi irreplaceable since they are no longer produced (I see them on eBay occasionally), therefore I had been reluctant to do anything drastic, but I decided that I’d rather have a functional hone so I went ahead. I used pencil to crosshatch both sides, and used my Sharpsal combo 325/1200 diamond hone for the lapping. I did a test lapping on both sides of the Reliance using the 325 side of the diamond and was surprised to see that the coarse carborundum side was concave, and the fine “Swaty” side was convex. That was an “ah-ha” moment for me. After removing all the pencil from both sides, I dressed the hone with Vaseline per a method I found on another site. I didn’t bother to burnish the lapped surfaces with any finer grits. I felt like I had already removed more than enough material, more than I had expected, and I believe that just using the hone will further refine the surfaces. I expect now that both sides of the Reliance Hone are perfectly flat (or as near as I can get them) it should perform much better than before.


Rose to the occasion
Painstakingly and carefully checking all my Ark finishers for absolute, dead, flatness. Resurfacing as necessary.
I will be flattening and cleaning up a "new" coticule, 1.5" x 7" or so. May grind on the big Washita too, it's quite a chore since it's huge (12x3"). And hard......

The coti should clean up fast, backing seems to be black slate so may not bother with it much.
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