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What did I get?

OK, in my insanity I won this razor,:eek:

Could it be British or French? Or just a mismatched case?
I don't have it in hand yet. With the diamond I thought it was a Gillette,
but I could not find any info on the name Oxford. I think the blade boxes are in French.
Did anyone copy the Gillette double ring? :lol:
I did think it was a clone because the ring looked sharper than the rings on real "double ring" photos I have seen. It will be interesting when I get my hands on it and get a close look at it. I will post more pictures then if anyone is interested.:smile:
BTW it's coming from England.


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I can confirm that the blades boxes are in French

Usagées = Used
Neuves = New

Very nice kit! Is it for sale?:001_rolle

EDIT: When you get it, please post some more pictures!
A thing of beauty!!!. Not sure who made it, but it sure looks like a keeper. Bet it shaves great. Nothing beats a vintage open comb..

BTW: I thought only Otto Roth made clones of Gillettes back in the day...and he was bought out by Gillette.
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