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What AS smells like Cella soap?

I know the Cella AS & balm do NOT smell like the soap because I've read it here and mine just arrived in the mail today. But what out there DOES smell like the soap? Or close enough to it. I'm trying to limit my purchases before I buy everything out there! Please help!

Thank you!
Stirling has one, but I've not tried it.

PAA chella cool or PAA tribute are 2 that I've tried. The 2nd I'd say is almond and sandalwood and patchouli, but they don't list the latter. Could be my nose.
Yeah, you just want something that smells like almond, which is the base scent of Cella. I agree their aftershave was disappointingly not similar to the soap, but had that "generic modern cologne" smell.
I haven't tried it, but I was also going to recommend Captain's Choice Italia, since it seems to be obviously intended as a Cella companion. I don't get much cherry scent from Cella soap, so wouldn't worry much about that part, but CC does have 45th parallel if you want that, as someone already mentioned. It's also nice to support Scott, the Captain, who is a wonderfully generous and kind person, quite active here on B&B.
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