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What are you drinking tonight?

The Knize

Moderator Emeritus
Spanish/Portugese Gin and Tonic--DIY tonic syrup with some Jack Ruby Tonic syrup (DIY seemed not bitter enough); Italian sparkling water, Xoriguer Gin de Mahon (my favorite gin these days, although kind of low proof at 80); cinnamon stick; sliced strawberries, mint stalk slightly smashed; rosemary sprig. lightly smashed; slightly crushed juniper berries; orange bitters; squeeze of lime and lime wedge; big peel of orange zest; in a large Spanish g&t glass. Kind of a fruit bowl. Very summery.

Ranch water is a great cocktail, BTW. Nice to see it show up here. Topo Chica water is the best.
It’s showing up again tonight!
Juice of a lime and a half, 2 oz Herradura Blanco, ice, and about 8 oz of Topo Chico on ice. Topped with the last 4 oz of mineral water as quickly as I drank 4 oz.
What kind of boat you got? One of my best Summer memories was dropping anchor in a secluded cove along the Illinois River and throwing back some brews.
Stingray 208LR. We’ve had PWC’s in the past, but this is our first boat. Looking forward to the summer.
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