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What are you drinking tonight?

Box wine, like a boss. Some kind of fancy Pinot Noir box that SWMBO picked out. This seems to be the place to be for a guy with a buzz.
With so many bitters now in the market, I was wondering which did you use in you Old Fashion ??
I use Angostura in Old Fashioneds and Peychaud's in Sazeracs. Last night's was purchased in a restaurant. I'm going to use the cocktail napkin method of soaking a sugar cube with Angostura bitters from now on.
I had a couple fingers of Buffalo Trace. Interesting, as the bottle is about half empty now. Taste was completely different from what I remember when it was fresh. No where near as harsh, and a lot fruitier. Anyone have some suggestions on how to keep that from happening (besides drinking it faster...).
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