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Champions League final tonight. Who is watching?

So tonight at 21:00 CET is the big night of European football, the Champions League final at Wembley between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid.

Will you be watching? Which team would you like to win?

My favourite team went out in the group phase and tonight I hope for the underdog Dortmund to win. Most of all, I hope for a great match.

Dave himself

Wee Words of Wisdom
Cup finals are weird, most of the time the forum book goes out the window. I mean look at the City vrs United game. Before the game you would have thought that City was on a free one, but United proved they were the better team on the day. I'm with you and I hope Dortmund snatch it from under Madrids nose.

Oh by the way who's your favourite team?
Can I visit an alternative timeline where RM don't repeatedly snatch odd CL victories from over-awed opposition? I'd happily see Dortmund, Liverpool, and Simeone's Madrid boys with a big-eared trophy each.
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