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What Are The Best Razors For Head Shaving?

I can see how the Leaf might not be for everyone, especially as it requires a bit of pressure to engage the head to the skin. The end result for me is good, but not as efficient as a Schick injector shave. Schick injectors are relatively inexpensive and the thicker blades are good for at least 10 shaves or more each.

If you want to maximize your double edge blade investment and not have to purchase a different blade style, the Leaf Thorn to me gives a result on par with the injector. Twig is nice too, but my preference is the Thorn.

I also personally prefer milder razor on the face, more aggressive on the dome.

After years of head shaving with cartridges, when I tried the Henson, it was the first dolphin skin BBS I had ever encountered. I also really like the light weight of the aluminum for head shaving.
I have not heard the metaphor "dolphin skin BBS" but I like it! I say "it feels like fine Italian leather" LOL
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I like the Bic EasyRinse. It's a 4 blade cartridge with space between the blades. I only shave my head about once a week so it's perfect.
Just this week, I used an electric, a Rockwell 6c with plate 6 and my old favorite, an Atra with Personna made carts off of Ebay/Amazon. I also use the Fusion occasionally. I've shaved my head for about 15 years now after getting some spots lazered off in my 30's.

In all honesty, the carts work best for me. If I use the Fusion, I need to shave everyday or pretty close to it. The Atra goes much closer and I can make it every other day with it. DE's are good for every other day, too, but take longer and there's more of a chance I'll cut myself.

I use the Atra the most.
While I use a safety razor at the sink for my face, I shave my head 2x a week in the shower with a Mach 3 and a can of Barbasol. I've done that for 20 years or so. Easy Peazy.
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