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what aftershave do you use for a bit oily skin?

hi all and Happy New Year...I solved my problems with the irritations on my neck due to your advices and I would like to ask you what type of aftershave do you use for a little bit oily skin ... I tried proraso aftershave balm and it does a quite onest job but I would like to try something new...I read that it is recommended for quite a bit oily skin the aftershave splashes...but last memory with alcohol based formulas was stinggy...so what do you use and gives you excellent results?..thanks
An alcohol splash heals my skin very well, which I always use if my shave was not its best. Yes, it is going to sting. But pain is temporary.
Otherwise, I use witch hazel, which does not sting. It has a similar affect, although I still use alcohol when I need to.
You can use an alum block instead of WH or splash. Honestly, I don't use mine very much.
Especially in the winter, I will always use after shave balm after everything has dried.

Best of luck, and welcome to B&B.
I have oily skin also and i find balms to make my face oily. I find an alchohol splash like Clubman works best. Brisk/Barbasol by ViJon works very well also.
I was also not fond of trying AS because of alchohol/stinging,... but been using Musgo Real and this splash feels like a balm: no stinging whatsoever and very soothing. Not experienced in splashes but this one seems to fit your requirements,IMO.
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