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What aftershave and cream combination did use today?

Omega Via Barberia Herbae and Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm
Penhaligons Blenheim Bouquet shaving cream paired up with Scottish Fine Soaps Thistle & Black Pepper Aftershave balm.


The Aussie Bulldog
Shaving Cream: Nivea Men Sensitive.
Aftershave Balm: Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm.
Aftershave Lotion: Nivea Men Deep Aftershave Lotion.
Cream Omega Eucalyptus + Proraso Green
Post & Aftershaves Thayers + Hyaluronic + Cella + Proraso Green Splash
Decided to combine using both my 1st & 2nd cream when just starting with DE. Missed the nice eucalyptus scent in both and the cooling with Proraso. The result was a very aromatic eucalyptus scent, thickly creamy and super slick lather...
The aftershaves combination (5drops each) was great too...
Body Shop Maca Root & Aloe Softening Shaving Cream and the matching Cooling Post-Shave Water Gel
Cream Saponificio Bignoli Black Berry & Moss
Post & Aftershaves Ice Water + Thayers + Hyaluronic + Aqua Velva Musk
Really like the wonderful light scent from the cream. The lather is very nice too...thickly creamy and slick...
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