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Weird question about Nacet logo

Does anyone know where the Nacet logo comes from/what it means? I've always thought it was weird to see a crocodile being cut in half by a razor blade.
It is curious. I guess those beasts are supposed to have a tough hide, so the blade must be very sharp? It also reminds me of the Solingen pigeons.

More info: http://www.trademarkia.com/nacet-71591986.html says Gillette registered the Nacet trademark in 1951 with first use in 1939. But http://uk.trademarkdirect.co.uk/nacet-497469 shows a 1928 filing date. From what I can tell, 1928 was the original registration by a company called International Safety Razor, of New Jersey, which made its own safety razors and blades starting ca. 1916. They appear to have tangled with ASR over trademark infringement, ca. 1928-30: http://content.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,731880,00.html and http://www.leagle.com/decision/1930105336F2d1017_2631. Possibly Gillette acquired the company after that lawsuit, and then registered the former company trademarks.
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