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132 Blades - Ladas Stainless and Nacet has a competitor

The Ladas was not a blade I expected much from as I really hadn't heard a lot about it. What I did see told me that some like it, and some consider it one of the common herd. For me, it gave the Nacet a run for the money. I will say this though, I am glad that I used it in my King C. Gillette as that is a mild razor. I get the feeling that it will not be so friendly in my Gillette New Open Comb, but I believe I will have an opportunity to test that theory. I don't see how this one can't be in the final four, or five, or six, or whatever. The score was 8.88 in 7 good shaves, it is #2 to the Nacet. Looking at just the first 4, a whopping 9.64, a tie with the Nacet.


Top 20 across all shaves.

Top 20 for the first 4 shaves only
Interesting review!!:popc::popc:

Long time since I tried a Ladas, but my (perhaps imperfect) recollection is that it was ‘mid-tier’ for me.
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