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We sound like the Stonecutters...

"These people look deep within my soul and assign me a number based on theorder in which I joined."
Homer (Simpson)

I am a new member since finding a shaving thread at head-fi which has been down for a week.

The spirit of this place seems similar with lots of appreciation for high quality gear and better all around living.

  • david
Wow! That's some luck! I just bought my first brush and some Proraso soap. I ordered a straight razor with disposable blade today and I can't wait to get it.
Thanks guys, this look like a great forum.
I decided recently to go back to my original shaving methods. I started shaving as a young man with a DE razor with instructions given over the phone from my uncle. My dad was away on a business trip and I really wanted to shave. So I took the Noxzema jar out with the great smelling pink cream I can't find anymore. Put a fresh blade in a new razor my dad gave me and shaved myself without cutting myself too much.

I got myself shaved twice in a barber shop since last summer and I really want to learn how to use a straight razor. So today I ran to the barber and hairdressing school next to the high school where I teach and I ordered a straight razor. I don't know the brand, but the head teacher told me I would really enjoy it.

I'm really happy to join this new forum, I have learn a lot


Hey, maybe all 5000 members could post to this thread.
Wouldn't that be the MOATH!

MOATH = Mother of all threads​

Somewhere in his best "Scotty voice" Ouch will be saying: "Sir, I'm doing all I can to hold the servers together. She can't take any more."

And someplace else; Where no man has gone before:

Spock: This isn't logical - Where's Captain Kirk?
Checkov: Sir, He's wetshaving with the razor and soap obtained from the species on the alien wessel.

Live long and prosper B&B!
Congratulations to all the gentlemen and ladies that make this site the juggernaut it is. Every member here is responsible for making the atmosphere so overwhelmingly positive and inviting. You guys, gals, and the mods all get one huge attaboy for a job well done. :thumbup1:
You should try to squeeze some prizes out of the more generous/endowed members of the site. :tongue:
Jay will be along shortly, I hear he responds quite well to squeezing. :eek:

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