Walmart Dropping VDH Shaving Soap

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    I know Van Der Hagen is considered a cheap shaving soap, but some of us like it. Walmart has carried the Luxury shaving soap for a few years. Lately, I noticed the local Walmart no longer carried shaving soap. Didn't think much about it until I checked at another store. No shaving soap.

    After pricing it at a certain online retailer, I decided to check with Walmart. It lists the soap, but notes it's out of stock. Using the Check Store Availability option, I looked at several Walmarts. No shaving soap.

    There's other sources for VDH, but I hate to see it vanish from a retailer.
  1. I have VDH Deluxe & VDH Luxury in my soap rotation. I prefer the Deluxe over the Luxury myself. Going to my Walmart in a few days for groceries & will get back to you if its there.
  2. My local Walmart here in Illinois still stocks the VDH pucks as well as a line of Cremo shave creams. Shelves were stocked pretty heavy as of 2 weeks ago when I was there.
  3. Bed bath and beyond is where I've found it in the past.
  4. Used to see it at some Walgreen's. Not lately. However, one can purchase a case of it online from sellers. It is an okay $2.50 soap, for sure.
  5. Gads, My local small town Walmart replaced VDH with Cremo.! My son loves Cremo but, I hate it.!
  6. It's gone here already.
  7. Heh, I complained about that to VDH in an email back in September. They replied telling me that it is sold in participating stores (also listing Target and BBB) but also mailed me two pucks and a tube of their post shave soothing balm for my trouble, so I didn't have to buy any right away. (The balm is pretty good, by the way.)

    I have two local grocery store chains that still have the VDH line, and there isn't exactly a shortage of software already in the house (a just-started VDH luxury puck in the bowl and three more in stock plus a VDH deluxe and any number of creams) so I'm not too worried right now. But I'll be annoyed if inexpensive soap disappears from retail and I can't get it any other way than by paying too much online.
  8. Used to find them in CVS... Not for awhile now. Did get one of the razors on clearance a few weeks ago for $3.75.

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  9. Used to see it all the time at local (Kroger and Publix) grocery stores. Finally decided to get some a few days ago. Can't find it in any nearby locations.
  10. Time to horde...
  11. Yeah, I kind of wonder if I should. I mean, they're not going out of business, but it seems like they're not going to put product on brick and mortar chain store shelves anymore. The funny part is, as I checked my local stores' inventory online, they all have the whole VDH line on sale. Not clearance, just on sale. I think I might run to Woodmans next week to see what's there. They still show the Deluxe soap for $1.19. Good deal at that price.
  12. I see the shave butter all over the place. Havent seen any pucks of soap in retail spaces.
  13. Walmart is the most predatory anti-American store in existence. You can't rely up them for anything except making money for themselves. VDH probably doesn't sell well so they've gotten rid of it. Every dollar you spend at Walmart is another dollar that other good retailers don't get.

  14. So you blame Walmart for this? Sounds strange to me that a company would want to stock its shelves with something that doesn't sell, right!!
  15. I probably should not have commented about this as my thoughts aren't really on topic about the product. Sorry for moving the thread in a non-shaving direction.

  16. shave/brush

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    For awhile I was seeing VDH Luxury everywhere. They had it at Walmart's, at Target, and Christmas Tree Shops, (local store I think). Now it is nowhere to be found. It's pretty cheap online. I just checked Amazon and they have a 3 pack of the Luxury for just $9.12. Not bad but then there is shipping.
    I love VDH Luxury. I think it performs just as good as any of the other soaps. It's a soap I compare all others to.
  17. Kroger seems to still carry it here. I noticed Walgreens seems to have started carrying Pacific Shave Company Products.
  18. I expect that VDH will survive in some form. I view it as a good solid base. The Pacfic is rapidly rising as a premium product. Just wish they had larger product sizes for value.
  19. The family sent me to Woodman's today for victuals. The website said the deluxe soap was on sale, but on the shelf it was at its regular $1.49 price (in the new style packaging, even.) The luxury was on sale for $2.99 so I bought one, which is fine because I prefer it anyway. Doesn't look like they're going to stop stocking either one anytime soon, so it appears I'm lucky enough to not have to worry right now.

    But that's the thing about Woodman's. They buy a lot more different products out of their suppliers' catalogs than most stores, so you can find things there that can't be had off the shelves elsewhere. They're the only store around that stocks Edgewell's Schick injector blades and Wilkinson Sword DE blades too, and judging by the stock on the wall, it appears that both are selling. No Gem-style single edge blades though.....

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