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Walgreens Clearance

I don't doubt your Walgreens had this, but I was there yesterday and I actually happened to walk down the Nivea aisle (I think I was seeing if I would get lucky and see the Shave cream everyone's talking about but I have never seen) and the prices were fairly high, well higher than those clearance prices.

Maybe your store is going out of business? That sounds like better deals than the buy 2 get 1 free or whatever their often sale is. I would get a handful of VDH soaps and use it in the bathroom if you can't finish it. If it's not the opaque glycerin soap and it's their deluxe VDH soap, get some!!
The Nivea Mens items regular price was $7.49. Well I'm located in Illinois so they could be going out of business but CVS is becoming more popular.
Walmart typically has the best price on the Nivea products. I grabbed the ss aftershave balm for $4.19 (every day price iirc)
Same deal here in Jacksonville...my Walgreens runs pretty good deals on Nivea products frequently...and the AS balm is excellent...
I bought a VDH boar brush on clearance at Walgreens a few years ago...the green handled one...$2.99...
Nivea regular ASB and Nivea "Extreme Comfort" for $3.79 on Clearance (this isn't an everyday price, had orange clearance stickers, maybe they're making a new formulation? Is CVS getting rid of their stock too? This is interesting, they aren't on sale, they're definitely on Clearance.

If your store doesn't have them on clearance, check back, last week they weren't at my store (I posted after the OP and thought it was a regional thing, guess not! SCORE!)
I didn't notice the Nivea products, but the VDH Deluxe soap and the boar brush were both marked as clearance here in Kentwood, MI. I stocked up a bit but left some on the shelf. :)
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