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Vulfix 375... a few opinions needed

I have an opportunity to purchase this brush and wanted to see what you guys thought about it. I have a AOS Pure Badger and it is ok, but I have been thinking about an upgrade and thought this might be a good one. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.


I had a 374, which the same brush only smaller. It's very soft on the face, quite flexible, not hyperdense. I think it's a very easy to use brush (i.e. none of this "learning curve" BS required); easily makes and spreads lather. It worked really well on creams. I gave it to my son-in-law, but not because I didn't like it.

Don't have a 375, but my experience is that the Vulfix brushes are generally floppy - work well with creams, but not so good with soaps, especially the tripple-milled ones.
I have a 377 super, and I find this brush not especially floppy or soft, kind of in the middle. Contrary to popular opinion, this brush will indeed whip up mountains of lather out of soap, I've not had any problem with that. Where this brush seems to be lacking though, is in overall density. After applying some cream to my face, the brush often becomes "hollow" in the middle, which I find annoying, because all the cream that should be there spreads to the outskirts. The only other brush I've ever used is a Merkur silvertip which works well, but it's a bit small so I wanted to try another brush. The Merkur feels like mink and is a little soft for soap -- the Vulfix is coarse by comparison.
I use a 2233 that I like a lot. I've found that it works best if you don't apply too much pressure, you have to lather with the tips and then it won't splay. If you apply too much pressure it can get floppy and not work so well.
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