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vulfix 2234 vs 2197

hey I want to pick up one for my self and brother in law. What are the differences between the 2234 and 2197? and is 375 better or about same as the 2234.

also would it be ok to use regular Gillette gel's (I have one for sensitive skin etc)with brushes? or I should get better creams, soaps etc?

First let me start of by saying welcome to the Forum...I am going to assume that this is a first brush.

The 2234 is bit bigger then the 2197 and uses a better grade of hair. The 375 is a bit smaller then the 2234 but uses the same hair.

In the $35 price range I would recommend the Crabtree & Evelyn Best badger brush. You will see alot of people rave about it. I think you are getting a better brush for the money then the 2197. I own the 2197...it was the first brush that I purchased.

In the $58 dollar range I would suggest talking to Charles at QED about the Savile Row SR-208. He is a wealth of info...

For the same price you can get the C&E brush and some shave cream. For $20 you can get a sampler from Scotto to see what you like prior to buying tubs.

I would definitely recommend not using the gels...if you have a Target close to you you can pick up some products from Proraso...the cream is inexpensive and works well with a brush.

That being said, enjoy...
Boboakalfb : Thank you for warm welcome. Yes it will be my first. Although my dad probably has one from russia, I am sure the new ones are much better. I usually shave in shower and used march 3, but now using shick quatro. I get pretty good shave especially if my hair grew out a bit(3-5 days) then I get a perfect shave(shaving in ALL directions ;) . I dont think I would be able to shave every day against grain w/o little irritation/cuts. I have few razors from russia that I should check out ( ONe i think is Gillette adjustable) Not sure might post some pics. I tried shaving one time with one and got cut up pretty bad lol, so i stuck with my mach 3 etc. I think 14 year old blades from russia might not be best idea to use either, but then again not sure.

I dont understand if you meant that the 2234 is good or not? You suggested getting the sr-208? How come? I heard 2234 is great. With that said how is Crabtree & Evelyn Best badger brush vs the 2234? I guess I can order both and decide with brother in law which one he likes better and i ll keep the other one.

Thanks again.
Welcome to B&B. You will definitely want to pick up some soap or cream with the brush. Canned gels and creams do not perform will with a brush because they are not designed to be mixed with water.

I have both the C&E brush and the 2234. I love them both. I find the 2234 to be a bit more "floppy". Personally, I prefer the C&E Brush. That doesn't make the 2234 a bad decision. It's a personal thing. The biggest advantage tot he C&E brush is that it is also cheaper.

In my opion the C&E brush for $35.00 is a great brush for hard soaps the bristles are stiffer than the Vulfix #2234. The Vulfix is softer and is great with shaving cream. Look I have two #2234 and one C&E brush, Buy both you will not be sorry. These brushes will last you for a long long time. ENJOY

Check out CLASSIC SHAVING web sight.because they sell the Vulfix #2234 in a variety of colors plus ivory. I have one in horn and one in black.

Can you use C&E brush with cream as well as hard soap, or not? BTW is it Crabtree & Evelyn Best badger brush best or super badger?

My brother in law bought some shaving cream so he needs what will work with that. I m thinking about getting both and seeing which one each of us likes. But at 35 vs 60 where you can get 2 for price of 1, is a good deal ;)

thanks guys.

I just checked and cleaned gillette adjustable. I am going to buy few blades and try it out, but i think i might stick with my quatro or get power m3 or new 5 blade one.

thanks again

Creams from C&E? Get them all! Sienna and Nomad are outstanding. Their Almond is my favorite almond cream. I'm not a Sandalwood fan, so I can't comment on that. Someone else will.

which is better soap or cream? or should I just get one sienna soap and other nomad cream to get both of worlds. which is better glass jar, or bowl ?
Also any suggestion on good after shave? The one from site for 30 bux is kind of steep.
Ok done some reasearch and I hear Trumpers skin food is good for after shaving .

Should I get stands for brushes, or standing it on its handle is sufficient for drying?

thanks again for all the replies.
Welcome to the site.

There is no "best" when it comes to soaps and creams - different members like both. Creams tend to be a bit easier to lather, but the soaps are good too, so I think its great to try both. You will likely want a separate bowl for mixing lather - you can use an ordinary ceramic, glass, metal or plastic bowl, so don't worry about buying one.

The other place you might want to consider looking is the QED site (qedusa.com) - Charles, who runs the site has a great line of his own soaps and caries lots of other products as well, including reasonably priced brushes (the Saville Row range are quite good value for the money).

I terms of reasonably priced aftershaves, I recommend the Tabac or Proraso - which cost about $15.
I hesitated between buying the Vulfix 2234 and the 2235, and finally called Classic Shaving to talk with a guy there---very helpful. I went with the 2235 in the end: it has a shorter loft (bristle length) than the 2234 and thus will be a little firmer, and it has a wider knot (bristle base) and thus will hold more water.

I've been using it for a couple of weeks, and it's great. Initially it seemed to be a little waterproof, possibly due to some treatment during or after its manufacture, but after a week it's lost that "new" condition and is working like a champ.
Edwin Jagger - Best 130147 2 35.00
Badger Shaving Brush
Sienna - Shaving Cream 218002 1 15.00
Subtotal 85.00
Shipping 0.00
Tax 6.80
Total 91.80

tax killed the deal, but at least shipping was free.

Thanks for info guys.
I also ordered sample blades (in case i try to mess with DE rasors) I have 2 of my dads (1 adjustable gillette , and 2nd not sure which but gillette as well. I ll post pics to get idea what it is. It has 2 piece handle and came inside a very small bag for it.)
Also bought my self the 5 blade gillette power shaver. ( did not use yet).
Most likely will order me a sample shaving cream/soap from the member on this site too.

Thanks again.

ilyailya said:
Can you use C&E brush with cream as well as hard soap, or not? BTW is it Crabtree & Evelyn Best badger brush best or super badger?

I use the C&E brush with soaps and creams and it works great. I think the C&E brush is a best badger brush.
GREAT , got my stuff, so excited, but instead of the best badger , i get a pure badger travel one. GRR going to call them and have them ship me another one then. This one http://store.crabtree-evelyn.com/acc130245.html
its not bad i m sure, but I did not order it. If they let me keep it, its a nice gift for dad or even keep for my self ;)

The sienna cream is nice, but the smell does not strike me as something wonderful. Good though, I used it with new gillette 5 blade power.

Well thats about it. Will keep ya posted.

Ok went and exchanged it. Going to try shaving with it today- can't wait ; )

Looking at the brush I think it was a fine choice, I am reading how the vulfix is softer, but I prefer to have a brush with some feel to it - best badger fits the bill

thanks for the advice guys .
I just got a 2234 and it's great with creams like Taylors, it takes a while to leather up soaps like proraso. I like how it feels on the face.
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