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Vulfix 1020

Today I found a Vulfix pure badger brush going for $20 canadian at a discount store (Winners). I bought it and have been trying to find out more about it but don't seem able to find any info about it. Has anyone used this before? The label on the bottom of the package said 1020 so I am assuming that is the model number, and also the handle is black.

I have a few years wet shaving but it has been all with an Omega/Proraso boar brush, so I am not knowledgeable at all about brushes to compare with others and whatnot. Thanks
hey ;) are you in Richmond? cause my wife found that and when she came home I told her I wanted it, we went to get it and it was gone :biggrin:
Yup. This was the Winners at King and Spadina.

Edit: Just realized you meant Richmond, BC and not the store near Richmond Street here in Toronto, so, it wasn't me who got it after all. Heh.
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There are still 5 left at the Winners in Downtown Vancouver. (3 black, 2 ivory.)

Not a bad deal, considering it's badger. Just don't be expecting silvertip. It's very dark hair and the knots aren't terribly dense.

They also had several 225ml tubs of Vulfix "Luxury Shaving Cream" in Lavender, marked down to $9.99 Couldn't resist picking up a tub. Some interesting balms, too. So it was worth the trip.
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