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Voluminous Lather: Am I missing out?


three-tu-tu, three-tu-tu
This is timely, as two posts back I just opined that it was poor practice to post enough lather for shaving half the faces on your street in the show me your lather posts.

My guess is that many of those shavers use a bit more product for the pics than they normally use for shaving. In any case, you are doing it just right - find out what works for you and do that.
I just use a small brush and enough soap for 2-3 passes. Depending on the soap sometimes a bit more lathering and water are needed so that the soap doesn't just stick to the blade, but aside from that I dont see a necessity to make it "picture perfect".
When I have the time it can be nice to make the routine a bit more laid back and spend more time on lathering, because I find it relaxing. Definitely not an every day kind of thing for me though.
I asked the same thing a while ago (see below). While a thick, yogurty lather may look good, it probably doesn't do any better and in some cases can do worse. With some razors one wants a thinner slicker lather. Do what works for you and enjoy it!

Whichever lather works for you is the best lather. A wet, or thick, or yogurt-like lather never worked for me. Maybe because I spent 10 years on well water, I'm at the other end of the lather spectrum. I prefer a drier, mime-looking lather.
No, not missing out of anything, the only lather that really gets used it a thin layer the cusions your face. Anything else is waste. Now if you like that flourish, gobs of lather make you happy etc, then gobs away my friend.
I also found that creating a wetter lather enhanced slickness and shave quality. Other benefits include fewer nicks and increased blade longevity. As most of my soaps are hard pucks I use a hybrid method of building initial proto-lather on the puck and then completing the process via face lathering.
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