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Vintage Gillettes, Replates, 2013 Merkur 39C

I’m going to be adding a lot to this post so I’m going to start with the replates. CONUS only for now, knock off $5 for each additional razor purchased. All non replated razors have been run through an ultrasonic cleaner so a great opportunity for those new to vintage.

$50 Krona Kruiser F2 Fatboy Replate Krona was a member here that advertised has putting the plating on thick. Takes away from the fine details, functions fine. Not a BRG level job but what we had a decade ago. Was my daily for a while so light discoloration in the blade tray. Slight chip at base where it meets adjustment collar (third image). Very bright silo doors.

$50 OCrazorman “Rhodium” Replate H3 Slim Former member here that engaged in shady business but not real complaints from the people that actually received razors from him. He sold on eBay and advertised as rhodium, have heard no complaints from other members but IMO the color is closer to nickel and I have 3 other replates by him that are the same. Have original email screenshot of eBay listing. There is a speck of dust in the plating on one of the silo doors I tried to get, hasn‘t compromised the plating. Was another daily of mine with very light discoloration of the blade tray. Slightly thicker plating but not too much.

$48 Krona Kruiser A2 Red tip Replate again, his signature thick plating but it isn’t as notable in the details of a red tip. Some chipping of the paint on the tip. Very beautiful silo doors. Under the doors there is waviness of the plating but does not affect function or visible from the outside (last picture)

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$42 D2 TV special Case has light cracking at the top and one at the base (tried to get in photos) seller used a professional printer to copy the original instructions but they are that, a copy. Very good color, weight, and sharp details though. Would have fooled me if they were weathered with the stain printed on. Razor is in good used condition with very light discoloration under the head and other light signs of use.
$24 Flair tip superspeed Z3 with case. discoloration under the head, on handle, light spots of brassing on handle. Case has chip on edge near hinge but functions fine (see photo) moderate crazing of plastic. Presents “OK“ at certain angles.
$14 1953 Diplomat/1954 TV special? instructions NOT a copy, near mint instructions. Mr Razor shows them as being for a 1953 Diplomat but there Is a closed auction on eBay where it is with a 1954 TV special. I’m not sure but this is the best I can figure.
$19 English Aristocrat Junior opens a little lazy and binds slightly. Safety bar isn’t perfectly even but not horrible. Moderate brassing in areas of handle, rest of chrome shows moderate use but not severe wear.
$30 Beginner Slim H3 Light brassing throughout entire razor, mechanically perfect. Case is broken on one hinge (picture) and light crazing. Comes with worn 3 blade dispenser with what appears to be 3 blades but wouldn’t use them.
$19 Suspect NOS post war non-aluminum heavy handle etched cap tech. Bought to use, felt too guilty about the idea since it’s in amazing shape with light wear of the case in picture. This has not been run through my ultrasonice due to the condition. Still has paper between cap pieces.
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Super speeds all are “good” user grade with light discoloration under the baseplates and other light signs of wear. Razor Y4 has some more than normal chrome wear on the silo door making them slightly duller and C2 has moderate discoloration under the baseplate and handle (those are $10 each) Other three are $15 each. All have been through an ultrasonic and are mechanically perfect.
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$55 Great condition lightly used 2013 Merkur 39c includes pictures of threads. Never got much use due to the weight compared to my 37c, just liked the look more. Made prior to the redo of the molds ~2015 ish? Someone that wants and older version would be very happy with this
$20 aluminum baseplate/handle English etched cap tech. Unsure if top cap is brass or zamack but it is not light aluminum. Took me a while to get used to, some people like it better than the US version. cap is shiny but baseplate has light marks light it was cleaned with something aggressive. Functions fine, hard to show in photos.
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Krona did 3 replates for me. Excellent work.
still keeping a bit of the work he did for me. For the service he offered he did great. The Fatboy was a daily and only has the one chip as an issue (think it was due to the interference caused by the thicker plating and the adjustment) other then that the red tip is pretty hard to let go of but doesn’t get the use it deserves.
He did a red tip for me also. A NEW short comb and long comb as well. I sold the long comb years ago. Still have the short comb and red tip.
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Replated Slim sold!
Price adjustments:
Krona Cruiser Red tip: $41
Krona Cruiser Fatboy: $45
Canada Tech:$25
TV Special With case/reprint instructions:$35
Z3 Superspeed/case:$20
Merkur 39c: $48
If you were willing to deal with a Canadian I would love to get my hands on the Z3 Superspeed (Moms birthyear) and the Canadian Tech.
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