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FS Den Purge! Vintage delight!

Cleaning out the shave den! All prices include shipping! USA sales only please! Paypal G&S only.

Gillette G-2 (1961) Fatboy, User grade, Looks good but dull in spots, has some wear to the plating with a speck of brass showing through on one door. Adjusts like it should, opens and closes fine, but should note it seems like you must twist it closed a bit more than I believe you should? Might be the nature of this beast? Shaves good.
$50 Shipped.

Gillette D-2 (1952) TV Special Super Speed. Looks decent. Does have a large area of brassing showing on one side of handle. Nice and straight with no dings. Opens and closes nice. Good user grade or candidate for a replate?
$30 shipped.

Gillette F-2 (1960) Flair tip super speed. Very nice original condition. Very Slight cloudiness on the doors. Opens and closes fine! Needs cleaned.
$25 Shipped.

Gillette B-2 (1956) Flair Tip super speed. Nice looking unit, Slight dullness on the doors, no dings, opens and closes fine.
Needs cleaned
$25 shipped.

Unknown Frankenrazor, Open comb. Decent handle with a brass bottom end, the bottom knob does have a few dings/ nicks in it but would sand out fairly easily. The head and cap look good, machined aluminum?? Comb teeth are straight and cap has good plating with normal light scratches from use.
$20 shipped.

Two Star model 100's and Star plastic case. Sold as a lot!
One nickel/chrome? plated early handle, Extremely nice condition, only flaw is a very small area of scratching in the lower corner of the cap, gotta look close to see it! Shaves like a Gillette war year tech!
Second it a Gold plated "silver star" late style handle. Good condition but has wear to the plating and some green showing on handle, with a good cleaning it should be fine! Cap has wear and under plating showing on ends and the silver star logo is very light. Never shaved with this one.
Star Plastic case, good condition with no chips cracks or breaks. Does have scuffing through out.
Sold as one lot! $60 shipped.

Another lot sold as one!
Gem 1912 razor with case and 25 new Gem coated blades. Case is fair. Razor looks great with some wear here and there from age. Still needs a thorough cleaning and polish. Will probably never shave with this one!
Two Gem featherweights. Both in good condition with some wear and slight pitting to the plating.
$50 Shipped.

Twinplex Stropper with new old stock Princeton Blue double edge blades.
The stropper is in real good condition, the stropping leather is in good condition and not broken down. However the holders and leather could use a cleaning. Original instructions, case is in solid condition with lots of wear to the outside and fading on the inside.
Princeton blades (100pcs) have never been open, just the display case. No stains in the display just shelf wear.
$45 shipped.

Ever-Ready brush, unknown model # Handle was left as found, just given a good cleaning. New 20mm Pure Badger Knot (shaveforge) installed (Locktite cement). Used it maybe 8 times? Lathers good and plenty of backbone and scritch.
$35 shipped.

Ever-Ready D, Butterscotch. Decent looking brush with some wear. Bottom has a stain. New Shaveforge 20mm pure badger knot. Set with marine grade silicone. Knot is unused! Has not touched water or soap!
$35 Shipped.

All shipping is done on Saturday's due to my work schedule.




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