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    A friend just gave this to me. Does anyone know anything about this razor? I haven't recalled seeing or hearing anything about it on this site but he claims it has a sensational review from Amazon.

  1. Any pics? Are you referring to Thor's razor?

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    I wasn't aware Vikings used razors. :boat:

    Let us know how is shaves.
  3. Viking Razor

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  6. They claim the Baili bd179(razorock quick-change) is their original design.
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  8. So,have you shaved with it yet?
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    Hmmmmmmm...not surprised they manufacture the razor offshore ,but I am thinking these could be Aeterna blades which I believe are made unbranded today....Years ago they had spectacular blade wrapper art..

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  10. Chinese Vikings! Cool :)
  11. Keep us posted how it shaves.
  12. Great shaver, can be had elsewhere for $9.99
  13. Dorco sells the razor as part of their Dorco Prime set. Dorco claims that their's is all brass, plated chrome. You don't make that claim for yours and are always up-front in your descriptions. Do you think Dorco is accurate? Do you think there are non-Baili affiliated factories pumping these things out in different materials?
  14. I believe the Dorco is a Weishi. The quality of the two are quite a bit different.
  15. Used to be a Weishi. Dorco Prime switched to the Baili within the last year. What do you know about who's maufacturing these things? Do you think there is really an all brass version? What do you think about Viking's claim that it's their design?

    As to the quality - you're right, Baili's doing a nice job on their recent razors' chroming and stamping. You probably know this, but one way to tell, especially on TTO's, is to look at the base plate from a side view - particularly the "L" shaped 90 degree bend that makes the safety bar. On most all Weishis (on Parker's too), the bend will not be a uniform 90 degrees on both sides - one side is always off. The old Gillettes and the Baili are pretty even on both sides.
  16. I believe their unbranded blades are baili blades with the external wrapper removed
    Their 3 piece razor, The Godfather, "Comes with 5 RAW, UNBRANDED, UNPOLISHED super sharp platinum-coated blades made from Swedish steel." as well, however, they didn't remove the external wrapper from these:
    this is what a Baili branded blade pack looks like:
    this is a blade that my older version baili tech came with:
    I'm pretty sure baili makes their razors.
    The real question is if it's their original design or not. Based on the stock photo of their TTO, there is NOT a Baili 'B' under the doors.. all other vendors who sell this design have the aforementioned 'B'... I'm curious to know if it actually does or not.
    this is what I'm talking about:

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