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    Just wanted to let you all know that I am going to a vacation to Iceland tomorrow and will return at the end of next week. That means our retail store will be closed during that time and all online orders will be processed and shipped upon our return! Thanks for your patience in this matter and wish me a safe trip!
  1. Sounds fun David. Have a great trip.
  2. Pics are required upon your return
  3. On my bucket list David! Would love to hear about your trip when you return. I had a couple friend just return from there and they said it was amazing. Had an interesting story about the Blue Lagoon.... will spare you of the details for now :)
    Enjoy and safe travels!

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    Have fun! Hope it's a blast!
  5. Thanks guys!

    We've returned, the store is open and all orders have been processed and shipped this morning!

    It was a great trip to a very unusual place! So grateful to have darkness at night again as it is light almost 24 hours this time of year in Iceland! Reykjavik is an amazing city full of interesting sites, diverse culture and unusual landscape and weather!
    $2016-06-05 17.27.10.jpg
    $2016-06-06 12.25.07-1.jpg $2016-06-06 20.06.13-1.jpg
  6. Great shots! Iceland is on my "must visit" list. :thumbup:
  7. Excellent pictures! I have wanted to go to Iceland for a number of years now but have yet to make it happen. Glad to see you enjoyed yourself and welcome back to the States! Now get back to making a shave soap that will blow everyone's mind! We all know your cold process soap is going to be a 10/10
  8. Great shots. Glad you had a fun, safe trip.

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