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Used my first sharp straight yesterday

Yesterday I recieved my straight back from Larry A. I was amazed at how beautiful the edge was, and also how well it shaved I had only a nick on my chin and some razor burn under my jaw line. Im sure this was due to blade angle I still find it akward and will have to learn how to hold and use it in a comfortable way.Look forward to future shaves.


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Excellent work! Don't worry too much about how awkward it is for now, each shave will make it easier.
Nice. Can't beat freshly honed blade. I think a good edge prevents the urge to over-shave and cause irritation.
Wahoo and congrats!

Just remember to take your time, watch your blade angle and amount of pressure (none) and you will attain what is the bliss of shaving Nirvana! :thumbup1:
Thanks for the words of encouragements, it was definitely different from when i got the razor a long long time ago, it was supposedly shave ready it was far from it and i didnt have a clue how bad it was honed til he told me when he received it. My initial shave when i bought it was a bloody mess and was one of the most painful shaves of my life. I only shaved with it twice and i put it back in its box and said to heck with it. Now with the blade correctly sharpened it is quite a different nice shave then what i get from se and de..
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