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Welcome!!! When I first started using a DE razor I had a little irritation for a few weeks. I also wasn't really focused on achieving a baby smooth result but more on my form and taking things slow.

After about a month, I found the right angle, speed, and directions to shave my face. I didn't go against the grain until I felt that my technique was really good. I would do one pass with the grain, the second pass across the grain, and the last pass with the grain again.

This worked really well for me. Stick with it and everything will improve. Patience is key.
Thank you for the welcome cantujm!!
i am grateful for your insight, i am of the same opinion having realised my mistakes, rushing into shaving against the grain and such, i guess i was exploring in a way and just went for it...will not be doing that any time soon, xtg is as far as ill push myself for quite a long time...

i used the oneblade on friday, actually i am quite surprised by how it works, it does it's job really well, add to that the practicality of the device, quite a treat...alas, i have a literal minefield of whiteheads on my face, three days later, my chin is especially riddled with them, it seems i won't be using the oneblade, alas it has resulted in a record amount of whiteheads, i am not 100% sure if the oneblade is solely to blame i also changed moisturiser, have been using balea senstive since friday, so...go figure i actually tend to get the best results when i don't use aftershave and moisturiser at all, i might just go with baby powder, johnson and johnson to be precise, i am still in limbo as to weather i will give the oneblade another try today or just go back to DE, i have also come to the conclusion that the skin on my neck is rather uneven and that this is probably why i cut myself very easily...

i really was hoping that the oneblade would solve shaving for me but nope :(

i will continue my pursuit of irritation free shaving...

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