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Unscented aftershave splash?

Would you say that an alcohol-based witch hazel and aftershave splash perform the same function?

Am I over thinking this?
You won't find any humectants in genuine witch hazel. Most AS splashes contain something (most commonly propylene glycol, glycerine, hydrogenated castor oil or the like) to moisturize your face.

However, you could easily find cheap glycerine at the drug store not far away from the cheap witch hazel. A little home chemistry gets you an unscented splash for peanuts.
As John said, it depends on the a/s splash in question. Some are nothing but alcohol and color, some have glycerin added, and some are a whole cornucopia of healthy healing ingredients (look at the ingredients list for Speick - I feel my skin glowing just having some in the same room as me!
Three of our favorite vendors, Mama Bear, The Shave Den, & Saint Charles Shave offer unscented after shaves. I've enjoyed splashes & balms from TSD & SCS, and while I haven't tried an AS from Mama Bear the ingredient list sounds great.
Hey, DavidP, I see you're in Milwaukee, too. Is there anywhere locally to find this good stuff? It seems weird to buy something with a scent online before smelling it myself.
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