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Unsatisfactory slant bar experience

After a week of excellent shaves and a marked improvement in technique bought about by the use of the Nancy Boy shave cream, I decided to round off my NB experience by tackling the Slant Bar.
There were a number of you who were concerned for my safety with this razor given my lack of any practical ability, but following some good advice about general technique from Ron, I decided to try it out for one shave.
I loaded my gold Slant with a fresh Feather, and with a rising sense of trepidation set about my first Slant bar shave.
Hmmmm, all I can say is I am not really impressed. I just didn't get a close shave from this razor. Given the number of excellent reviews the slant gets, I am sure it is a question of my technique not any fault with the razor and therefore I would appreciate some help (as per usual:blush: )
I remember reading that the slant prefered a slightly higher angle and longer stroke than most razors, so I kept the handle almost level with the floor and I use a long stroke anyway so no adjustment was needed there.
I used only two N-S strokes ( I was in a hurry, another reason I decided to break in the slant) but I expected better results than what I actually got.
I was fully prepared for uneven cutting of the sideburns due to the shape of the head, and I still struggle to get a clean shave on certain areas of my neck so I wasn't really disappointed that I didn't this time; but I expected my cheeks and upper lip to be straight razor smooth, when I don't think the slant had any effect at all.
During the first pass I was somewhat timid, but the second time around I threw caution to the wind and really powered down into my bristles, still nothing.
When I was making the strokes there was a definite cutting sensation, the feeling itself was like the scraping one gets from other razors when the angle of attack is too steep but not quite as uncomfortable. There were a number of tiny red spots on my face but no real weepers or visible nicks.
Obviously, I haven't formed a definite opinion on the slant based on one shave, but I wasn't expecting it to turn out like this either, facial shredding and loss of blood seem like they would have been par for the course with this razor but I didn't get hurt ( I am not a masochist BTW.)
So, any suggestions you may have, or advice that you would like to offer me will be appreciated.
Warm regards,
Yep, same guy. If and when I try out a slant bar, I'll post my own experiences... Hope you get the hang of it! From what I hear, it can be a nice, different shaving experience.
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