Unique Brush: Vintage Butterscotch T&H Branded Simpson Duke 3 w/ Modern Manchurian Knot

You know I'm struggling to keep my collection at a reasonable level when I start selling special brushes such as this one. This brush is actually the result of a special project that I took on. This brush started out as a Truefitt & Hill branded Simpson Duke 3 that needed a new knot as well as a modern Simpson Duke 3 Manchurian that had a crack in the handle. Both brushes were just fine before the operation, but I wanted something unique and special. The result was successful with a beautiful modern Manchurian knot set at a lower loft in a vintage butterscotch handle. Now, this brush isn't aesthetically perfect. There are some cracks in the handle that were present before the operation. I have attempted to stabilize those by applying epoxy to the inside of the handle, to this date and after several uses the cracks have not worsened. The knot does not shed but does have a few stray hairs that sit above the rest. Despite these cosmetic imperfections the brush is an absolute pleasure to use. It is very scrubby, with strong backbone and the handle feels great in hand. Post operation knot specifications are 25 x 45mm. I would like $190 for this brush which includes paypal fees and US delivery. Foreign members are welcome to inquire but international shipping will require insurance and signature confirmation.

Brush will come packaged in the original box from the sacrificial Duke 3.

Some pics of the procedure (STOP here if you have a week stomach)

Thanks guys, price reduced to $175 and now open to trades (quality for quality) for straight razors and related accessories.